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Tianma Heasteed Cleaner For Masking Fluid Pen For Artists Use 75ml
  • This product has a colorless and transparent appearance. It is a special medium used to clean the harden brush after using masking liquid. The cleaner is suitable for all kinds of watercolour pens that made os goat's hair, weasel's hair and nylon yarn.

Winsor Newton Fine Watercolour Set 18 or 24 Colors (WNWCSETFIN)
  • Winsor & Newton Watercolor Set 12/18/24 colorsWideWater Colour range offers bright, vibrant colors and unrivaled performance. Watercolour, more than any other medium, reflects the unique characteristics of the pigments used and our Professional Water Colours use only the finest pigments and are known for their brilliance, permanence, and strength of colour., Transparency
  • The transparency of our W&N Water Colour is achieved by the unique process of pigment dispersion during manufacture. The natural characteristics of each pigment highlight the paint transparency level. In watercolor painting, thin washes are applied to allow the white of the paper to reflect through the wash.

  • Great for organizing colors, handling out paint and learning color theory.
  • High-quality tube designed, lead-free poison.
  • Superior figment for beginners and professional artists.
  • A range of modern and traditional colors. * Made with dedicated choice of materials, carefully deployed, light fastness, stability, making the paintings preserved longer.
  • Cost Effective Set of 12, 10ml tubes in a cardboard box. * Made in China.


Sakura Water Colors Creative Art Colors 12 and 24 Color Set
Technical Qualities
 Half pan luminescent, iridescent, and interference watercolors are formulated to blend easily
 ACMI AP seal certified
12 color set
• 4 metallics, 8 fluorescents
• 1 dabbing sponge
• Snap lid acts as a palette for mixing
• 4ml barrel small tip water brush
24 color set
• 4 metallics, 8 fluorescents, 12 pearlescents
• 2 dabbing sponges
• Snap lid that acts as an easel for paper
• Detachable palette secures to left or right side
• Pull-down ring on base for gripping easily
• 9ml barrel medium tip water brush


• Illustration, comics
• Calligraphy, lettering
• Handmade cards and craft projects
• Studio and remote use
• Mixed media layering
• Background washes

Pebeo Watercolour Aquarelle Fine 12 Half Pans

Recently, I bought a box set of Pebeo pan watercolours to try out.

Pebeo watercolours are available in tubes and pans. They seem to only have one range currently called the Fine series. In this range, there are only 28 colours. The paints are made in China.

Pebeo watercolours are actually student grade watercolour. I bought this set because the pricing is very attractive. 

The palette box is painted all white including the exterior. What I like about it is the second mixing area when flipped open is totally parallel to the ground surface.

For cleaning, you can remove the pan holder plate inside. This is just like box sets from other brands.

The colours included are

  • Primary Lemon Yellow - *** - 1
  • Cadmium Yellow Pale - *** - 1
  • Primary Red Cadmium - *** - 1
  • Alizarine Crimson - * - 3
  • Primary Phthalo Blue - *** - 1
  • Cobalt Blue - *** - 1
  • Permanent Green - *** - 1
  • Earth Green - *** - 1
  • Yellow Ochre - *** -1
  • Burnt Sienna - *** - 1
  • Burnt Umber - *** - 1
  • Ivory Black - *** - 1

The lightfast rating of *** represents excellent lightfast and * means it will fade. Alizarin Crimson for example is the one that's going to fade faster when exposed to light.

Below's the colour chart that I've created. Click for a bigger view.

You get what you pay for with the Pebeo. The colours are not strong, pastel-like and a bit chalky at times.

It's very difficult to get the pigment from the pans. Hence, mixing colours is very frustrating. As such, I don't even feel like I want to use them for painting any examples. It's that bad.

After spending so much effort to dissolve the paint, it's quite disappointing to see the low intensity of the paints.

You can see that the WN Cotman series has colours that are more intense than Pebeo. The difference is quite clear. Schminke and Sennelier are the most intense, but they are artist grade quality paints.

Tianma Heasteed Gum Arabic Solution watercolor Medium For Artists Use 75ml
  • It is a traditional watercolor medium in Europe
  • To increase the gloss and transparency of watercolor
  • Add to watercolor small amounts until the desired level of transparency is achieved
  • May be thinned with water

Simbalion Watercolor Cakes in 12colors and 18 Colors Set WCK-18
  • Easy to carry.
  • Good for outdoor sketching and leisure illustration.
  • Simbalion watercolor, with its high transparency and perfect bright tones, sparkles wonder on your art creation.
  • TypeWater Color Paints
    Age>6 years old
    Brand Name                              Simbalion
    Model Number12 colors WCK-12
    18colors  WCK-18
    Painting MediumPaper



    Easy staining around. High saturation. Instantly water-soluble. Good for color sketch. Also convenient for preliminary coloring.


    Recent years have seen more and more extensive applications of acrylic paints. A remarkable one is with mimicking the texture of oil paints. By thick color piling or thin wet wash, it shows a strong artistic appeal. Besides, acrylic paints boast advantages over oil in fast drying, odorless, and high color saturation.


    Simbalion watercolor cake, with its easiness and readiness to use, solves the problem: wet with water and it works immediately, avoiding all messes.










Faber Castell watercolours 12 Tubes included Palette and Grip Brush and one free DVD 121004N

Ideal for school and leisure. The color mixing offers unlimited possibilities for painting on paper and other surfaces. Children succeed well with opaque and bright colours.


  • Lively and bright colours with good covering property
  • Unlimited tones by mixing colours
  • Good covering results obtained on paper and other surfaces
  • For painting with fun

Tianma Heasteed Art Masking Fluid Watercolor Medium For Artists Use 120ml and 280ml
  • It is water-based milky liquid and quite popular in occidental painters. For masking quickly drying.
  • Add to water for dilution when used.
  • can be rubbed off after drying
  • Paint brushes should be washed immediately over finished painting
  • Attention: avoiding roasting or solarization

Tianma Heasteed Watercolor Retouch Medium For Artists Use 75ml
  • It is form of water-based liquid, and used for blending watercolors, enhancing adhesion and flexibility of colors and smooth out brushwork.
  • Enhances exhibition force of colors, erases "grey and power" phenomenon which caused by change before and after drying. Particularly effect for deep colors.
  • Add to watercolor before paintingm and also directly mix with colors.
  • Excellent for amounts> 1:1(provides the strongest color depth effect).
  • May mix with water.

Tianma Heasteed Watercolor Incrassation Medium For Artists Use 75ml
  • Its facade is in form of strong water-based colorless transparent liquid, and is quite popular in European painters.
  • Increases thickness after blending watercolors, and produces a textured finish for watercolors.
  • Particularly effective when blended watercolors.

Tianma Heasteed Watercolor medium Ox Gall Liquid For Artist Use 75ml
  • It is water-based transparent liquid and mainly used for wetting watercolors.
  • Increases wetting and flow of water colors. Reduces strain of water surface to prevent water from pooling bead, suitable for scumble layers.
  • Add to small amounts so as to make the color easier to blend.
  • Improve acceptance of wash paper.

Sakura Mat Water Colors Set 12 colors and 18 colors
  • Type:Water Color Paints
  • Packaging:Set
  • Painting Medium:Paper
  • >3 years old
  • Type:Gouache Paint
Product Description

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Derwent Academy Watercolour Pad 12 Sheets A3 Landscape
  • The heavy weight 300GSM acid free fsc paper responds well to washes
  • The superior smooth texture of the paper makes it incredibly versatile.
  • Enhances your pencil work whether wet or dry and is ideal for intricate watercolour paintings as well as even washes of colour, or a combination of the two.
  • Board cover, pad style, 12 sheets
  • FSC paper ensures that the paper is the environmental choice that supports the growth and preservation of the world's forests; DERWENT ACADEMY is a registered trademark of ACCO Brands Corporation
Potentate High Quality Cold Press Watercolor Pad 16 Sheets 300gsm Blue Flower 020720

Number Pottery Sketchbook Potentate 300g


For artists in particular and painters in general,  the sketchbook is  very important. The sketchbook is  convenient for writing ideas, drawing research, technical testing and evaluating your own progress. Sometimes the sketchbook is also considered a complete work of art.


Sketchbook draw Potentate smooth watercolor



Smooth + textured paper with fresh color, good color, smooth blending. 
+ Removing many times the bowl is still not broken, good class husband

+ Acid-free, anti-fading, durable paper

+ Hard cover, can be stored in backpack, bag without fear of broken book

+ 3 edges are covered with glue, you can separate each sheet separately if you want


Sketchbook draw Potentate smooth watercolor



Product code: 020720

Size: A3, 270 x 390 mm

Quantitative: 300gsm

Number of sheets: 16 sheets

Paper texture: Cold Press, Smooth (smooth texture)

Nape: 3-side glue sealing

In order to maintain a good state for a long time,  the sketchbook  needs to ensure the hardness, durability, and surface treatment suitable for the type of material that the person uses.


Notes when selecting  the sketchbook :

 + Paper surface

+ Paper weight

+ Paper quality 

+ Paper size

+ How to close the book.


The sketchbook  has many types with surfaces, different paper weights, each suitable for a type of material:


1. Surface:

The surface is judged based on the criterion of having multiple "teeth" or "teeth", also known as roughness / roughness / roughness of the paper surface. The more teeth the paper has, the more likely it is. Thick paper is often folded over thin paper. Multi-toothed paper holds many colors and drawing solutions, suitable for creating contrast, with little detail. This paper is suitable for charcoal, wax, pastels, ink, watercolor or any other work that needs to use rough surfaces to create aesthetic effect. Smooth surface keeps less color, suitable for detailed drawing. Extremely light paper such as light weight feeding paper or sketch paper usually has a smooth surface, some thick paper like bristol or oil painting paper, watercolor, acrylic can also have a smooth surface.


2. Weight:

The weight related to the thickness of the paper, has been standardized and defined by the International Standard Organization, measured in grams per square meter (gsm), or in pounds (lb) which is a standard of familiar measurement. of America. The following are some common quantifiers of sketch paper and drawing paper (measurements are relative):


·          25 lb (40 gsm):  paper can

·          30-35 lb (45-50 gsm) : printing paper

·          50-60 lb (75-90 gsm) : sketch paper, drawing paper - thick enough to draw lead, charcoal, pastels, but too thin to draw ink or markers, color can be absorbed through paper.

·          70-80 lb (100 - 130 gsm) : drawing paper suitable for all dry materials. Paper smaller than 70lb is usually thin, can see through the drawing from the back.

·          90 - 110 lb (180 - 260 gsm) : heavy quantitative drawing paper, bristol, multi-material drawing paper. The weight in this range is similar to a light cover or poster.

·          Lb 140 lb (≥ 300 gsm) : usually for painting (drawing oil, acrylic, watercolor, etc.) rather than drawing (drawing lead, coal, chalk, ...). If this paper is used as a sketchbook, the paper is often highly grained to paint watercolor or acrylic.

Winsor Newton A5 Size 300gsm Classic Watercolour Postcards
Winsor & Newton's Classic Watercolour paper range is a more affordable yet still exceptionally high-quality alternative to 100% cotton watercolor paper. Made of high-quality archival grade cellulose wood pulp and natural spring water, these papers are ideal for professional artists as well as amateurs and students.The paper is traditional cylinder mold made and both internally and externally sized.
The 4" x 6" Postcards contain 15 sheets 300gsm .
The A5 postcards contain 12 sheets 300gsm .

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