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Pebeo Studio Acrylics HV Metal Atelier Collection Case Sets 834610
  • Fine acrylic paint in vivid and deep, richly pigmented colors with a matt, satin finish; Line includes Classic, Dyna, Fluo and Metallic colors
  • Thick consistency particularly suited to work in dimension; Retains the imprint of brushes and painting knives
  • Can be used alone, mixed together, or combined with Studio Acrylics mediums to expand creative possibilities
  • Versatile and adhering, it is ideal for collage, working in layers, Mixed Media and is suitable for most surfaces: canvas, cardboard, wood, metal, Liquid Art Panels
  • Metal Atelier Collection Case contains 12 x 12 ml tubes (Cadmium Orange Hue, Primary Yellow, Dark Ultramarine Blue, Primary Magenta, Oriental Violet, Primary Cyan, Phthalocyanine Emerald, Cadmium Green Hue, Yellow Ochre, Transparent Vermilion, Burnt Umber, Payne's Grey), 5 x 20 ml tubes (Titanium White, Mars Black, Silver, Gold, Iridescent Blue Green), a palette, 2 pencils, a pencil sharpener, 3 brushes, 1 canvas board, 1 eraser, 2 plastic painting knives

Nevskaya 3K Palitra Sonnet Studio Acrylic Colors Set 12 colors in 10ml Tube
  • Sonnet” Artists Acrylic Colour Set – 12 Tubes containing 10ml per Tube

    Imported from the Nevskaya Palitra plant,all the way from Russia, founded in the 1900’s

    The “Sonnet” series are great for painting and for decoration works. The colours are bright and pure and easily apply on paper, cardboard, primed canvas, metal and leather. They are easy to mix with water and when dried the paints create a flexible indelible film.

    The Colours included in this Set are :

    • Titanium White***
    • Lemon**
    • Yellow Medium**
    • Ochre Light***
    • Red Light**
    • Carmine***
    • Burnt Umber***
    • Black***
    • Phithalocyanine Blue***
    • Ultramarine**
    • Green Medium*
    • Green Light**

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