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Faber Castell Pastel Art Paper 3 in 1
Product Description
- Ideal for amateur artists and creative handicraft enthusiasts
- Paired with soft pastel crayons for good mix of colours and blending
- Suitable for personal painting creation, handicraft production and campus art courses
- Set bundle of 3 books
- Each book has 20 sheets, with 2 sizes available: 15cm x 15cm and 5.7cm x 15cm
A'zone A4 Parchment Paper 15 Sheets Pack 220gsm APP22A4
  • Suitable for all Laser printers and photocopiers. Ideal choice for resumes, certificates, menus, invitations leaflets, posters, brochures, personal letters, etc.
  • Size: A4 210x297mm, 15 sheets
  • Weight: 220gsm
  • Color: Pink, Gold
A'zone Perfect Copy Paper 250g A4 25 Sheets
  • Brand: A'zone
  • Weight: 250gsm, 25 sheets
  • Size: A4
  • Code: CLC25A4
  • special surface treatment
  • authentic colour reproduction
  • dustless and ridge-free cutting to reduce wear & tear
  • high stability and highest opacity
  • optimum transfer of toner
  • finer smoothes and precisely defined air permeability
  • heat resistance with good toner absorbing ability
  • high whiteness and ageing stability

Mont Marte Signature Black Paper Sketch Pad 140gsm
Mont Marte Signature Black Paper Sketch Pads have 25 sheets of 140gsm, acid free, textured black paper. Black paper is a marvellously versatile medium which can be used with a huge range of sketching media and craft projects. This paper has a very fine tooth suited to soft pastels, hard pastels, oil pastels, white charcoal, metallic and coloured pencils. The sheets are tape bound and supported by a 2mm thick backing board. Mont Marte Black Paper Sketch Pads also give a helping hand to the beginner artist with practical tips for drawing on black paper on the inside cover. FEATURES Acid Free 25 sheets 140gsm 2mm backing board Drawing tips inside cover Available in A3, A4 and A5
Besform Construction Coloured Pad

  • 2 sheets, 10 different colours
  • Dimension: 297mm x 210mm
  • Weight: 125 gsm
  • Art & Craft Coloured Paper

MM Premium Cotton Watercolour Paper 300gsm 5 Sheets

This artist quality watercolour paper is made from 100% cotton, giving you the perfect surface for your artworks. Each sheet features minimal shrinkage, even paint absorption and 300gsm thickness which makes it ideal for watercolour, gouache and ink.


  • 5 loose sheets
  • 300gsm
  • Acid free
  • Medium tooth paper (cold pressed)
  • Suitable for watercolour paints and pencils, gouache and ink
  • Professional quality paper made from 100% cotton
  • Cotton fibres result in minimal shrinkage
  • Sized on both sides and internally to provide consistent paint absorption
  • Resistant to pilling
MM Drawing Pad 80gsm 30 sheets

Little artists will love scribbling and drawing their way through this drawing pad! With 30 blank sheets of paper waiting to be filled with their ideas and creations, they'll have plenty of room to express themselves.


  • A3 size
  • 80gsm
  • 30 sheets
  • Also available in A4
Butchers Paper Pad 70gsm 40 sheets

Our Butchers Paper Pad opens up a world of creative possibilities to little artists. It's perfect for art and craft projects at home or school.


  • A3 size
  • 70gsm
  • 40 sheets
  • Also available in A4 size
MM Premium Cotton Watercolour Paper Block 300gsm 12 Sheet

Our Premium watercolour paper block is perfect for watercolour and ink painting. It features gummed edges to help stop the pages warping when wet and is made from high quality 100% cotton paper that's resistant to pilling.

Handy hint: Once your artwork has dried, slide a palette knife under the non-gummed edge and gently separate the top sheet from the block.


  • Includes 12 sheets
  • 300gsm
  • Acid free
  • Rough tooth paper (cold pressed)
  • Gummed edges prevent pages from warping while wet (a gap on one side makes it easy to slide a knife in for easy removal)
  • Suitable for watercolour, ink, gouache, acrylic, pastels and pencils
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Cotton fibres result in minimal shrinkage
  • Resistant to pilling
MM Cotton Watercolour Paper 200gsm 10 sheets

Our Premium watercolour paper is made from 100% cotton, making it strong and resistant to pilling. This pack of 10 sheets is perfect for watercolour, gouache, ink and acrylic paintings.


  • 10 loose sheets
  • 200gsm
  • Acid free
  • Medium tooth paper (cold pressed)
  • Suitable for watercolour paints and pencils, gouache and ink
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Unbleached cotton with no colour additives (natural white colour)
  • Cotton fibres result in minimal shrinkage
  • Sized on both sides and internally to provide consistent paint absorption
  • Can be painted on both sides
  • Resistant to pilling
Arches Aquarelle Gold Pressed Watercolour Paper Blocks 185gsm 20 Sheets
20 x Arches Aquarelle Watercolour Block - Rough - 185gsm/90lb -23cm x 31cm (9 x 12")
260 x 360mm (10 x 14") 

100% Pure Cotton

Mont Marte Sketching Journal Croc Finish A5/A4/A3
Mont Marte Signature Sketching Journals are an essential for artists of all levels and are available in a variety of shapes and orientations (portrait and landscape). They feature a classic, crocodile look cover and hand bound blank pages in a luxurious Ivory tone. The hardcover protects the pages inside making it the ideal travel journal or for recording your adventures in everyday life. The 150gsm acid free paper features a subtle uniform texture that is suitable for pen, pencil, graphite, charcoal, pastels and light washes. Hardcover sketching journals are an invaluable way of collecting and organising trains of thought, ideas, or dreams. They can be filled with sketches, photos, poetry or even collage. Sketching journals have become a favourite with artists for the versatility of expression that they offer and have developed into a form that is considered a work of art in its own right. FEATURES Hard cover, black crocodile leather look 100 pages - 150gsm, ivory Acid free Hand bound Available in A4 & A5 portrait Available in A3, A4, A5 & 29.7x14.8cm landscape
A'Zone Creative Project Paper A4 Size 15 Sheets Pack and 220gsm
  • Our A'zone Creative Project paper can be used as construction or craft papers, school projects, origami, creative arts, personal messages, notes, notices, menus, point of sale, etc.
  • Size: A4 210x297mm
  • 15 sheets 
  • 220gsm
  • Colors: Hot pink, Orange, Purple, Lemon, Blue, Brown 
Besform Layout Pad A3/ A4
Besform Layout Pad contains 80 sheets of 70gsm drawing paper.
BaoHong Artists' Watercolor Paper 300gsm 100% cotton (20 sheets pad)
Artist level watercolor paper made by Cotton pulp

Scrub resistant, modifiable, natural white, suitable for watercolor, pen and ink, gouache, various design renderings, ink painting, etc.
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