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  • Brand: A'zone
  • Weight: 250gsm, 25 sheets
  • Size: A4
  • Code: CLC25A4
  • special surface treatment
  • authentic colour reproduction
  • dustless and ridge-free cutting to reduce wear & tear
  • high stability and highest opacity
  • optimum transfer of toner
  • finer smoothes and precisely defined air permeability
  • heat resistance with good toner absorbing ability
  • high whiteness and ageing stability

Derwent Academy Acrylic Pad 12 Sheets 300 GSM- A3 Landscape/A4 Portrait
  • Product Details

    Derwent Academy Artist Acrylic Pad

    Derwent Academy acrylic pads provide the perfect canvas
    for your acrylic paints artwork. The heavy weight 300gsm
    paper can be used as is or further primed for a cleaner,
    crisper canvas. Available in 2x sizes A4 and A3, the
    Derwent Academy Acrylic pad was specially designed to
    make acrylic paints colours vibrant and smooth to apply to
    achieve different acrylic effects.

    · 300 gsm textured, acid free acrylic paper
    · 12 sheets
    · Board cover, pad style
    Size : A4, A3


or oil, acrylic, gouache and mixed media painting.

This A4 (29.7 x 21cm) sizeThis Pop pad contains 100% cotton with a medium texture and primed with universal primer. Perfect for drafting, colour sketches and experiments and for studies.

A4 (29.7 x 21cm) 20sheets
A3 (29.7x42cm)   10sheets

Weight: 250gsm. Orientation: Portrait.

A'zone Cartridge Exercise Book 135gsm A6 and 64 pages
  • Size: A6 105x149mm
  • Weight: 135gsm
  • Sheets: 64pcs
Umistrong Watercolor Painting Paper 120 Sheets Pad A4 Size and 180gsm
  • Brand: Umistrong
  • Size: A4 210mmx297mm
  • Weight: 180gsm/pc
  • Specify: 120 sheets included
  • Usage: Watercolor Painting

Paperpoint Tracing Paper A4 and A3 Size
  • Our high quality tracing paper is excellent for tracing and visualising.
  • The translucent paper has a fine, smooth, and hard surface.
  • This results in a good clarity and is resistant to scraping.
  • One packet contains 10 sheets of medium weight 95gsm tracing paper.
  • It's suitable for use with pencils, ink, and markers.
  • Size: DIN A4, 8.25''x11.75'',  DIN A3 11.75''x16.5''
Besform Construction Coloured Paper Pad A4 Size

  • 2 sheets, 10 different colours
  • Dimension: 297mm x 210mm
  • Weight: 125 gsm
  • Art & Craft Coloured Paper

Potentate Pad Marker paper
  • The paper layer contains waterproof material, and it is not easy to penetrate many times.
  • Double-sided painting and bright colors, dedicated to markers
  • It is suitable for all kinds of markers and paintings. It is the first choice for renderings of architecture, garden, animation, interior, clothing, advertising, product design, etc.
  • Size: 297x210mm 40sheets 70g/m2
Besform Drawing Block/Besform Sketch Book/Sketch Book/ A5 Size Sketch Book/WaterColor Drawing Media
Sturdy block of medium-weight 135 gsm white drawing paper, suitable for ink, watercolour, pastel, charcoal, crayon, pencil and other drawing media.
Aowen Oil Painting Acrylic Painting Paper Block Size F0 and F4 20 Sheeets
  • Model: F0 C2001  F4 C2004
  • Weight: 200g 20 sheets
  • Used for oil and Acrylic Painting

Sketch Book A4 210x297mm 32sheets 100gsm
A4 210x297mm,32sheets
Weight: 100gsm
Potentate iron ring sketchbook A4/A5 80 pages 100g
*Colors given are Random.
A4 210*148mm 80 pages 100g
Suitable for: sketch, painting
Features: special sketchbook for painting, made of high-quality sketch paper, firm paper, moderate texture, scratch-resistant, easy to fluff, easy to sketch and sketch, easy to carry.
*The paper is solid and resistant to rubbing;
*Not acidic, can be stored.

Potentate 120 Sheets A4/A5 Sketch Book

Product details of Potentate 120 Sheets A4/A5 Sketch Book

The colours are given at random 
  • Brand Name: Potentate
  • Inner Pages:120 Sheets
  • With Lock: No
  • Style: Creative Trends
  • Cover Material: Paper
  • Side Binding Mode: Fitted
  • Usage: Gift
  • Type: Filler Papers
Arches Aquarelle Gold Pressed Watercolour Paper Blocks 185gsm 20 Sheets
20 x Arches Aquarelle Watercolour Block - Rough - 185gsm/90lb -23cm x 31cm (9 x 12")
260 x 360mm (10 x 14") 

100% Pure Cotton

Arches Aquarelle Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper Blocks 300gsm
  • This paper is made from 100% cotton fibre and is acid-free so, as long as you store them properly, your artworks will outlive you.
  • It’s naturally pure white, with no optical brighteners, made with natural gelatin sizing and pre-stretched.
  • Every single sheet is inspected before it leaves the factory, to make sure they’re all perfectly consistent.
  • The finished product is well able to stand up to rough treatment, so you can use multiple washes of colour and scrub away mistakes without worrying about damaging your work.
  • Many of the world’s leading watercolour artists use Arches papers, yet they’re also excellent for drawing, calligraphy, gouache, printmaking, acrylics and even digital printing. 
  • This paper has a smooth texture, which makes it perfect when you want to create fine details.
Material100% Cotton
TextureHot Press (Smooth)

Arches Aquarelle Rough Watercolour Paper Blocks 185gsm 20 Sheets
20 x Arches Aquarelle Watercolour Block - Rough - 185gsm/90lb -23cm x 31cm (9 x 12")
260 x 360mm (10 x 14") 

100% Pure Cotton

Arches Aquarelle Rough Watercolour Paper Blocks 300gsm 20 Sheets
Brand: Archer
20 Sheets 300GSM
100% Pure Cotton
Size: 7x10"      18 x 26cm
        9x12"      23 x 31cm
        10x14"    26 x 36cm
        12x16"    31 x 41cm
        14x20"    36 x 51cm
        18x24"    46 x 61cm


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