UHU transparent All Purpose Adhesive Glue 35ml/60ml/125ml

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The head and paper will be sucked in, it is wasteful, and the uhu glue will not, and the 502 will dry too fast. Sometimes it will be too busy to adjust, and it will be too brittle after drying. The uhu glue is very tough.


1. Germany UHU is not made in China, it is always imported.
2. Germany UHU's super glue is soft super glue
3.UHU sticks well, does not harden after drying, is still soft
4. Germany UHU is a sticky and flexible, a good helper for soft substances.
5.UHU super glue usually dry for 10 minutes, 2~4 hours quick drying
6.UHU is a transparent, colorless gelatinous liquid, similar to "snot", image
7. Remember that UHU has a similar acid smell of silica gel and will not be pungent.
8. The genuine UHU cover is tightened and placed in the drawer. It will not dry for 5 years.
9. The genuine UHU cover is tightened and can be opened at any time without sticking.
10.UHU is a gelatinous liquid, so it will not wet the adherend
(502 sticky paper, the paper will be wet a large piece, UHU will not)
11. Although UHU is an attachment surface, the adhesion strength is very large.

This product is also suitable for use as a model glue, and the effect is very good! Suitable for the crowd: students, advertising companies, design schools

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