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Mont Marte Signature Soft Pastels 36pc
Open up a world of creative possibilities with our soft pastels. This vibrant set can be used to create a range of effects, from seamless blending, to blocking out large areas of colour and drawing fine lines. Features: 36 vibrant colours Soft chalky texture Seamless colour blending Great for textured paper, coloured paper and card Fill in large areas using the side of the pastels or create fine lines using the edges Suitable for use with pastel pencils and charcoal Use a kneadable eraser to create highlights
Mont Marte Kraft Paper Pad A3 50 Sheets
Give your creative ideas the paper they deserve. Our Signature Kraft Paper Pad features 50 quality 115gsm sheets that are perfect for a range of mediums including charcoal, pencils, ink and pastels. Features: 50 sheets/100 pages Suitable for a range of drawing mediums including charcoal, pencils, ink, pens, pastels and more. Thick 115gsm pages Beautiful, brown colour A3 size is perfect for creating artworks or practicing your skills
Mont Marte Signature Sketching Diary 110gsm A4 100 Sheet
  • 110gsm quality acid-free paper supports pencil, pen or marker without bleed-through
  • 100 sheets of white paper measuring slightly bigger than A4 size at 22.9cm x 30.5cm
  • Comes in portrait orientation with flip-style spine

The Mont Marte jumbo sketch pad is suitable for all large-scale notetaking, sketching and doodling. It can also be used as watercolour and painting paper for testing on, and for craft projects.

The Mont Marte jumbo sketch pad is suitable for all large-scale notetaking, sketching and doodling.
Mont Marte Artists Eraser Pack 4pcs
The Mont Marte Creative Eraser Set contains 4 erasers for all your artistic needs. The jumbo super soft eraser is great for large drawings and can be used to lift off highlights with charcoal or graphite. The hard eraser is perfect for harder surfaces such as tracing paper. The medium eraser is ideal for more delicate papers where abrading may be an issue. The black eraser is excellent when used on black paper and will not leave marks that white erasers have a tendency to leave. FEATURES includes a jumbo super soft eraser, hard eraser, medium eraser and a black eraser all erasers remove graphite and charcoal cleanly and are an excellent addition to your sketching kit. SUITABLE FOR USE WITH Mont Marte Graphite products Mont Marte Charcoal products Mont Marte Sketch Pads Mont Marte Visual Diaries White Mont Marte Visual Diaries Black
Mont Marte Signature Portfolio A2 (16.5 x 23.4in)
Transport and protect your artworks with this A2 (16.5 x 23.4in) portfolio. It features a sleek design with 3 internal pockets and an elastic strap to keep your work secure when you're on the move. Features: Perfect for protecting and transporting artworks 3 internal pockets Large elastic strap Also available in A3 (11.7 x 16.5in) size Sleek professional design
Mont Marte Pastel & Charcoal Blenders 7pc
This Set of Charcoal and pastel Blenders adds soft subtle shading that can bring life-like realism and dimension to your drawings. They provide a wide surface and are great for creating a transition of tones in large areas. FEATURES includes 4 paper stumps and 3 paper tortillion paper stumps have double ended points and are larger than the tortillions. tortillions are used for blending charcoal and pastels. They are smaller and thinner than the stumps and are ideal for shading in small areas or even adding fine details. SUITABLE FOR USE WITH Mont Marte Charcoal Products Mont Marte Pastel Products Mont Marte Graphite Products TIPS to resharpen or clean the Tortillion carefully unwrap and tear off the paper at the pointed end. fine sandpaper can be used to gently clean or resharpen the paper stump.
Mont Marte Signature Coloured Charcoal Pencils 12pc
Our Signature Coloured Charcoal pencils are available in 4 earthy colours that have been favoured by the masters for centuries. Originally sketches were produced as studies for paintings. Now drawing with these materials is recognised as a fine medium in its own right. These pencils will capture the warmth of a wide range of subject matter including still life, landscapes, and life drawing. FEATURES 2 x White Charcoal Pencil: Fantastic for creating highlights and may be used to blend with other colours to create midtones. Try using this on dark or tinted paper for dramatic effects. 2 x Sanguine Charcoal Pencil: Sanguine is a reddish brown colour, very similar to Burnt Sienna. Create warm tones in your sketches and illustrations. 2 x Sepia Charcoal Pencil: Sepia is a brown colour, similar to Burnt Umber. Render shadows and make bold outlines with this deep rich brown. 6 x Black Charcoal: Black charcoal can be used alone or in conjunction with other colours in the set. Included are 2 each of soft, medium and hard pencils to suit your sketching needs.
Mont Marte Sketching Journal Croc Finish A5/A4/A3
Mont Marte Signature Sketching Journals are an essential for artists of all levels and are available in a variety of shapes and orientations (portrait and landscape). They feature a classic, crocodile look cover and hand bound blank pages in a luxurious Ivory tone. The hardcover protects the pages inside making it the ideal travel journal or for recording your adventures in everyday life. The 150gsm acid free paper features a subtle uniform texture that is suitable for pen, pencil, graphite, charcoal, pastels and light washes. Hardcover sketching journals are an invaluable way of collecting and organising trains of thought, ideas, or dreams. They can be filled with sketches, photos, poetry or even collage. Sketching journals have become a favourite with artists for the versatility of expression that they offer and have developed into a form that is considered a work of art in its own right. FEATURES Hard cover, black crocodile leather look 100 pages - 150gsm, ivory Acid free Hand bound Available in A4 & A5 portrait Available in A3, A4, A5 & 29.7x14.8cm landscape
Mont Marte Pastel Pad 4 colours 12 Sheet 180gsm A5/A4/A3
Mont Marte Signature Pastel Pads have 12 sheets of 180gsm, acid free, textured and coloured paper. Mont Marte Signature Pastel Pads have an assortment of 4 lovely neutral colours; cream, gold, green and pink. This paper has a fine tooth appropriate for soft pastels, hard pastels, oil pastels, charcoal, graphite and coloured pencils. FEATURES 4 colours; cream, gold, green and pink 180gsm 12 Sheets which are tape bound 2mm (0.08in) thick backing board Practical tips on the inside cover Available in A3, A4 and A5
Mont Marte Oval Wood Palette 30x38cm
This Traditional Kidney Shaped Palette offers easy handling and comfort when painting. For best results rub with linseed oil to provide a repellent surface. This will make the palette easier to clean at a later date. FEATURES Kidney Shaped Thumb hole SUITABLE FOR USE WITH Mont Marte 100ml Oil Paints Mont Marte 12ml Oil Paints Mont Marte H2O Watermixable Oil Paints NOT SUITABLE FOR USE WITH Acrylics and watercolours will tend to be absorbed into the wooden surface.
Mont Marte Tear Off Palette Pad 36 Sheet
The Tear Off Paper Palette consists of 36 sheets of wax coated paper. The thumb hole allows easy handling and is glued on 3 sides to reduce movement of the sheets. Easy to clean up by simply tearing off the sheet and throwing away. FEATURES 36 Sheets Wax coated paper Thumb hole
Mont Marte Willow Charcoal Pkt 12
This 12 piece pack contains 4 sticks of small, medium and large diameter width Charcoal. Suitable for all levels of artistic levels. Spray finished work with fixative to avoid smudging, or use tissue paper as a divider when storing art work. FEATURES softer and lighter in colour than compressed charcoal and can be used alone or with other drawing media may be smudged and blended with fingertips or a paper stump may be erased with a Mont Marte Kneadable Eraser to reveal highlights SUITABLE FOR USE WITH Mont Marte Pastel Boards Mont Marte Sketch Pads Mont Marte Premium Cotton Paper Mont Marte Visual Diaries Mont Marte Compressed Charcoal Mont Marte Sketch Pads Mont Marte Soft Pastels Mont Marte Pastel Pencils Mont Marte Skin Tints Mont Marte Kneadable Eraser
Mont Marte Studio Palette Knife Set 5pc - Plastic
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION These Mont Marte Plastic Palette Knives have flexible blades that have no cutting edge. They can be used in conjunction with brushes when applying paints onto a canvas or painting surface - create great impasto effects and lay down flat colour. They can also be used for mixing paint, mediums and pigments on your palette. Suitable for oil and acrylic paints. Ideal for all levels of artistic ability. FEATURES 5 Great sizes Flexible blades No cutting edge SUITABLE FOR USE WITH Mont Marte Oil Paints Mont Marte H2o Water Mixable Oil Paints Mont Marte Dimension Acrylic Paints Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Paints Mont Marte Mediums
Mont Marte Mini Detail Brush Set 5pc
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Mont Marte Mini Detail Brush Set is great for small scale projects and detailed art. The thick easy-grip handles allow you to achieve minor details and are suitable for all types of paints ad mediums including acrylic, oil & watercolour. FEATURES Thick easy-grip handles Taklon brushes Brushes included are; Shader Angled Spot detailer Liner Round Spotter
Mont Marte Doodle Pad A6 100 Sheet
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Mont Marte Doodle Pads are perfect for when you're on the phone or sitting on the bus. Easy to carry and perfect for anyone who just wants to design doodles, line work, pen practise or making drawing a no brainer! FEATURES These awesome little Doodle Pads come as A6 pads 4 assorted cover designs
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