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Mont Marte Discovery Brush Case
Our Discovery Brush Case makes it easy to stay organised and keep your paint brushes in top condition. Features: Holds brushes up to 33cm (12.9in) Store and transport brushes Plastic case with clip locks for quick access Foam inserts protect brushes 34.5 x 9 x 4cm (13.5 x 3.5 x 1.5in) *Accessories not included Handy hints: Dry brushes before storage.
Mont Marte Clay Tool Set 11pc
This set contains a fantastic variety of tools suitable for use with clay. They may be used while the clay is still moist or on green ware (unfired air dried clay) to carve, cut and clean. This clay tool set may also be used with polymer clay. Each tool is made from clear varnished hardwood handles with durable steel blades. There are infinite ways to use these tools. Below is a small selection of possibilities. FEATURES Carve, cut and smooth with the curved end. The Spearhead end cuts small straight lines and is perfect for creating fine details. This small metal brush creates multiple fine textured marks. Remove clay in square in large flat areas with the open loop end. Carve, cut and smooth with the curved end. These tool ends are the perfect size for hand drilling holes for salt and pepper shakers in green ware. The needle point end is ideal for placing delicate objects or scratching in fine details. Carve, cut and smooth with the curved end. This tool is often referred to as a spoolie. It is great for cleaning rough spots on green ware in delicate or hard to reach places. The curved tool has a small sharp blade which is great for removing small areas with straight edges. The angled end is great for cutting small detailed areas. The angled tool is invaluable for flattening areas in hard to reach places. The needle point can create small holes, texture marks or can assist in placement of small objects. Use the slightly forked end to create wood like texture or sgraffito effects. Spearhead ends cuts small straight lines and etches fine details. The curved blade with the flat end lifts small areas with straight edges. Use the slightly forked end to create wood like texture or sgraffito effects. The curved blade cuts, carves and smoothes clay. The large spearhead blade is great for deepening details and making longer cuts.
Mont Marte Tear Off Palette Pad 36 Sheet
The Tear Off Paper Palette consists of 36 sheets of wax coated paper. The thumb hole allows easy handling and is glued on 3 sides to reduce movement of the sheets. Easy to clean up by simply tearing off the sheet and throwing away. FEATURES 36 Sheets Wax coated paper Thumb hole
Umistrong Calligraphy Set | Bundle| Promotion| Chinese
High Quality of materials Included brush, calligraphy paper, reel, ink, and plates
Mont Marte Kneadable Erasers 2pc
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Kneadable Erasers are an essential tool for the charcoal, pastel and sketch artist. Mont Marte Kneadable Erasers mould easily into a multitude of shapes and sizes. FEATURES the erasers are pliable, yet firm enough to hold their shape while erasing. excellent for removing highlights from charcoal, pastel and pencil. SUITABLE FOR USE WITH Mont Marte Graphite Products Mont Marte Charcoal Pencils Mont Marte Pastel Products TIPS Mould eraser into the shape that will best suit the area you wish to highlight or blend. Rub lightly in one direction to lift off charcoal etc. Do not use a back and forward motion as this may lift fibres from paper.
Mont Marte Signature Portfolio A2 (16.5 x 23.4in)
Transport and protect your artworks with this A2 (16.5 x 23.4in) portfolio. It features a sleek design with 3 internal pockets and an elastic strap to keep your work secure when you're on the move. Features: Perfect for protecting and transporting artworks 3 internal pockets Large elastic strap Also available in A3 (11.7 x 16.5in) size Sleek professional design
Mont Marte Sketch & Draw Set 18pc
This sketch set provides all the sketch media you need for a wide array of subject matter in the studio or out in the field. FEATURES 8 Graphite pencils - different grades to create a variety of shades of grey - 2H, H, HB(x2), 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B. Superb for detailed drawings. 1 Woodless Graphite Pencil - Graphite Pencils offer fantastic versatility. They can be used for fine rendered drawings and can also be used on the side for broad bold strokes. 2 Charcoal Sticks - 1 soft and 1 medium - Charcoal is the main staple for all artists. Fantastic for free flowing sketches. 3 Charcoal Pencils - 1 soft, 1 medium, 1 hard - Charcoal pencils offer the expressive qualities of charcoal with the added control of being in pencil form. Also great as a layout tool for oil painting. 1 Black Sharpener - Especially designed for sharpening the softer core of charcoal pencils. 1 Clear Sharpener - Especially designed for sharpening graphite pencils. 1 Vinyl Eraser - Erases graphite and charcoal cleanly. 1 Kneadable Eraser - Can be molded easily into any shape. Allows accurate erasing to reveal highlights when working with charcoal and graphite. SUITABLE FOR USE WITH Mont Marte Sketch Books Mont Marte Visual Diaries
Mont Marte Signature Black Paper Sketch Pad 140gsm
Mont Marte Signature Black Paper Sketch Pads have 25 sheets of 140gsm, acid free, textured black paper. Black paper is a marvellously versatile medium which can be used with a huge range of sketching media and craft projects. This paper has a very fine tooth suited to soft pastels, hard pastels, oil pastels, white charcoal, metallic and coloured pencils. The sheets are tape bound and supported by a 2mm thick backing board. Mont Marte Black Paper Sketch Pads also give a helping hand to the beginner artist with practical tips for drawing on black paper on the inside cover. FEATURES Acid Free 25 sheets 140gsm 2mm backing board Drawing tips inside cover Available in A3, A4 and A5
Mont Marte Abstract Expression Brush - 50mm
The Mont Marte Abstract Expression Brush is great for producing fluid, expressive strokes. The ergonomic handle allows for hours of easy movement on small and large scale products. FEATURES 50mm Creates fluid, expressive strokes with mediums The short, robust bristles enable the manipulation of even the thickest mediums. SUITABLE FOR USE WITH Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Mont Marte H2O Water-mixable Oil Paint
Mont Marte Woodless Graphite Pencils 6pc
Mont Marte Woodless Graphite Pencils are made from superior quality graphite and are ideal for adding detail to illustrations, preliminary sketches or for fine line work. They can be used on an angle for broad strokes or with the sharpened point for fine details. These pencils are very comfortable to use with lacquer coating for clean handling and a solid weighty feel. To sharpen, use a regular sharpener, sandpaper block or blade. Erase with a soft vinyl or rubber eraser. FEATURES Superior quality graphite 6 grades of graphite HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B & EE EE is 50% graphite and 50% charcoal Lacquer coated
Mont Marte - Brush Set 6pc (For Kids)
Kids will love creating with this colourful brush set! It features 6 different types of brushes that each have a tri-grip to make it easy for little artists to hold. Features: Bright plastic handles Tri-grip for little hands Taklon bristles with protectors for round brushes Ages 3+ Brush care: Rinse out colour thoroughly in warm water and re-shape when finished.
Mont Marte Impasto 500ml
Mont Marte Impasto is a clear drying medium used to create texture and retain brush strokes. Impasto can be mixed with acrylics directly and will not change the effect of the final colour. Clean up with water. FEATURES is a water-based medium so it cannot be mixed with oils but it can be painted over with oils once left to dry adds an expressive quality to artworks and has the ability to bring painting into the third dimension SUITABLE FOR USE WITH Mont Marte Canvas Products Mont Marte Palette Knives NOTE: Select the 'Care' tab to download the Care Instructions PDF for usage with all our paints and brushes.
Mont Marte Exam Graphite Pencil 12pc - 2B
Mont Marte Exam Graphite Pencils are perfect for writing, technical drawing and sketching. They are easy to sharpen as they have strong and durable leads. FEATURES Contains 12 2B pencils 2.4mm standard lead 7mm hexagonal body size 7mm diameter x 17.5cm long
Signature Willow Charcoal in Tin 10pc
This 10 piece set of willow charcoal produces a dense velvety texture for free flowing drawings. This medium has been an artist's favourite for centuries due to its simplicity and versatility. The tin provided will keep your charcoal together neatly and at the ready for your next drawing session. FEATURES contains 2 Jumbo, 2 Large, 3 Medium and 3 Small sticks of artist's willow charcoal tin provided SUITABLE FOR USE WITH Mont Marte Charcoal products Mont Marte Pastel Products Mont Marte Sketch Books Mont Marte Visual Diaries
Mont Marte 19-Piece Premium Art SetArt Supplies for Painting and Drawing Art Set Contains Poster
This Jungle Art Activity Set by Mont Marte contains everything you need for hours of creative fun. Use the supersize colouring book to make jungle animals come to life or create your own jungle scene with the fun stamps and rollers included in this set. FEATURES 7 x Poster paints 3 x Stamps 2 x Rollers 5 x Brushes 1 x Palette Plus a supersize colouring book
Mont Marte Mini Modelling Tools Boxwood 10pc
This Mini Modelling Tool Set consists of 10 double ended tools, providing 20 tool shapes to cut, carve, smooth, and create texture when sculpting. They feature a durable boxwood construction and ergonomic design for comfortable and controlled usage. These tools are ideally suited to working with polymer clay such as Mont Marte Make and Bake. FEATURES Create textured grooves with the forked end and carve out concave areas with the small curved tool. The rounded ball end can smooth out hard to reach places while the pointed tool shapes fine details with precision. Cut and contour with the large blade end and smooth surfaces evenly with the rounded end tool. The rounded paddle end can be used to gently flatten areas and the hooked end incises and removes clay with accuracy. Use the short blade tool to slice and cut clay and the pointed end produces uniform convex surfaces. Crosshatch and make fine lines with the large blade tool. The curved end contours delicate features. Score fine lines with the pointed angle tool. Hollow out small areas with the small curved tool. This pointed tool is invaluable for etching and indenting as well as aiding with the placement of small objects. The sharp angled end smoothes and flattens and the large blade tool slices and sculpts. This tool is fantastic for creating uniform patterns and aids in the precise placement of small objects.
Mont Marte 7pc Brush Set MMKC0219
Encourage little artists to create and express themselves with this fun paint brush set! Features: Birch wood handle Sparkling metallic finish Taklon bristles with protectors for round brushes! Ages 3+ Brush care: Rinse out colour thoroughly in warm water and re-shape when finished.
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