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Eval Series Nylon Liner Painting Brush for Details Works

Sizes Available:000 000 00 0 1 2                                 

Ferrule : Chrome-plated brass
Handle : Short , Clean acrylic handle
Hair type: Golden nylon
Shape: liner
For: watercolor details works

Eval Series Professional Round Pointed Artist Paint Brush

  • Handle Material:Wood
  • Size:0000# 000# 00# 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# 10# 11# 12# 
  • Soluble Or Not:Paint
  • Age:>8 years old
  • Type:Oil brush
  • Type:Paint Brush
  • Hair Material:Squirrel hair
  • Supplies Scope:Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache Painting
  • User:Professional Artists, Painting Beginer, Students
  • Artist Brush Type:Round Shaped
  • Lead Hardness:B
  • Type:Acrylic Oil Brush
  • Brush Name:Artist Paint brushes
  • Brush Total Length :30-32cm
  • Handle material:Long Wooden Handle
  • Brush Level:High Quality Squirrel Painting Brushes 

Mont Marte Fabric Paint Set 8pc x 20ml
Mont Marte Fabric Paints are perfect for all your DIY fashions and homeware projects. The eight bright, permanent colours can be mixed together for an endless palette and can be applied by hand, with a brush or with screen printing techniques. FEATURES 8 x 20ml pots of various colours - White, Black, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Red & Purple
Mont Marte Premium Pouring Acrylic Paint 120ml 4pc Set - Marina/ Coral/ Golden Beach/ Metallic
Create your own fluid art with this set of ocean themed colours! These paints are pre-mixed so all you need to do is pour them onto a canvas or board to make a masterpiece. Features: Ideal for acrylic pour painting and fluid art Pre-mixed and ready to pour 4 colours (ocean theme) in 120ml easy-pour bottles Smooth flow with stunning results Can be mixed with silicone oil to create cells 4 different themed sets available (Marina, Coral, Golden Beach and Metallic)
Pebeo Fragonard Pigments are very pure with good lightfastness to give a spectrum of lively tints. These pigments are intermixable and covering, and they do not completely reveal their colour until well ground.
Pigments have been known since the earliest times; they were used as cosmetics by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Pigments, which occur naturally in minerals or in animal or plant organic materials, are the basis of all colours. For over 50 years, Pebeo has manufactured pigments for oil, acrylic, watercolour and gouache paints. Together with Pebeo binding agents, pigments are the essential raw materials for all those who wish to make their colours themselves.

      Storage QTY
1 Ture cadmium yellow light S4 9
2 Cadmium Yellow Hue S2 10
3 Cadmium Yellow Orange Hue S3 8
4 True Cadmium Orange S4 9
5 True Cadmium Red S4 9
6 Napthol Red S4 10
7 Carmine Red S4 7
8 Ouinacridone Pink S4 8
9 Quinacridone Violet S4 9
10 True Cobalt Violet S5 10
11 Phtatocyanine Blue S3 9
12 True Cerruteum Blue S5 7
13 True Cobalt Blue S5 10
14 True Ultamarine Blue S2 8
15 True Prussian Blue S2 7
16 Cobalt Turquoise S4 8
17 Phthalocyanine Green S3 11
18 Cobalt Green Light S5 8
19 Cobalt Green Deep S5 9
20 True Chrome Green S3 10
21 Raw Sienna S1 10
22 Burnt Sienna S1 9
23 Raw Umber S1 10
24 Burnt Umber S1 10
25 Red Iron Oxyde S1 9
26 Black S1 5
27 White S2 9
28 Pearl S3 5
29 Bronze S4 7
30 Gold S5 8
Maries Chinese Painting Watercolor Economy Set of 24
Extra Large Economy Set of Marie’s Water Colors for those who seriously want to take their painting to the next level and need a complete color range at their brush tip. With the 24 colors included in this set, you have a fantastic portfolio of mineral and dye-based premium colors available to create fantastic artworks

Volume: 0.3 oz /9 ml per tube

Colors: 24 different traditional Chinese colors; see detail description for more information

Usage: Chinese and Japanese Painting, Sumi-e, Calligraphy and Fineline Brush Painting

1. Titanium White ¦¦¦¦(104) 

      Titanium white is an opaque mineral color. Often applied to the back of rice paper to enhance the whiteness of paper, such as waterfalls in landscape painting or the white hairs on animals. Mix with carmine or rouge for paint pink flowers, mix with gamboge for stamens and pollen.
   2. Gamboge ████ (218)

     A transparent yellow color. Good for yellow flowers, mix with Indigo to make transparent green for leaves and trees.

   3. Duckling Yellow ████ (242)

     A semi-transparent color. A warm yellow like the color of a duckling.

   4. Orange Yellow ████ (316)

     A semi-opaque color. Good for flowers, mix with Indigo to make an olive green for leaves and trees.

   5. Vermilion ████ (399)
      A semi-opaque mineral color, good for painting orange-red flowers, maple leaves, and autumn foliages, or washing sunset sky.
   6. Cinnabar ████ (398) 
      An opaque Mineral color. Often used in flower and birds, and human figure painting.
   7. Rouge ████ (400)
      A transparent plant color. A very rich dark red for flowers; diluted with water or white to make cool pink for plum blossoms, or add a red tinge to leaves or branches.
   8. Carmine ████ (390)
      A transparent plant color. A beautiful crimson of flowers. Often combined with rouge to paint flowers.
   9. Scarlet ████ (302)

      A transparent plant color. This bright Chinese red is often mixed with vermilion and rouge for red peony or roses.
   10. Umber ████ (684)
      A semi-transparent mineral color. A brown color made from the yellow soil. Ideal for painting earthy landscapes, tree trunks, and flower stems.
   11. Light Green ████ (593) 
      An opaque mineral color. There are three tones from dark to light and this is the third one(light). In traditional blue-and-green landscape painting, after a layer of transparent green is applied to the front side, this opaque green is applied to the backside of rice paper to create the final effect. Avoid using it alone on the front side of the paper. Always combined with vegetable colors or ink. Or, it will look chalky.

   12. Dark Green ████ (591) 
      An opaque mineral color. There are three tones from dark to light and this is the first one on the dark side. If watered down and mixed with ink or other transparent greens it can be applied directly on the front side on paper for jade-green bamboo.   
   13. Light Blue ████ (493) 
      An opaque mineral color (azurite). There are three tones from dark to light and this is the third one(light). Used for thick leaves, rocks, and sky. Use on the back of rice paper with transparent blue on the front to avoid chalkiness.

    14. Dark Blue ████ (491) 
     An opaque mineral blue (azurite). There are three tones from dark to light and this is the first one(dark). Used for with light blue on the back side of the paper or directly on embed on the top of ink base.
    15. Phthalocyanine Blue ████ (451)
      A transparent plant color. Mix with gamboge yellow to make various greens in landscape and leaves.
    16. Indigo ████ (495)
      A transparent plant color. This is one of the most useful colors in Chinese painting. Complementary to umber in traditional Chinese landscape painting. Mix with ink to make blue-gray, and combine with gamboge to make green leaves.

     17. Rose ████ (336)

      A transparent color. Named after Chinese rose, I found this beautiful pink color is perfect for painting lotus flowers. Mix with rouge to make a dark rose. *the hue of this rose paint is slightly more pinkish than the one in Marie's 24 set.    

     18.  Burnt Tea  ████ (699)

     A semi-transparent mineral color. This greenish dark brown has got a very nice Chinese name Jiaocha or "burnt tea". A very useful color for both landscape and flower-and-birds paintings. It looks the best when diluted as a light brown on flower or tree leaves.

     19. Purple  ████ (439)

     A transparent plant color. A ready-made bright purple that is perfect for painting wisteria and other violet flowers.

     20. Black ████ (793)

      A pure black watercolor. dilute with water to get various grey tones or mix with other colors. Not to replace sumi ink as the host because of the cost, but could use it as a guest in a colorful brush painting.

     21. Peony Red ████ (393)

     A transparent plant color. A natural red color that is lighter than rouge but darker than the crimson lake. As its name suggests it is good for painting the red peonies.

     22. Jadeite Green ████ (511).

      A new mineral green which is greener than regular mineral greens.  Great to paint green leaves and trees, or to wash green lake or ocean. Allied alone or mixed with ink or other colors. 

     23. Peacock Blue ████ (448).

      A new mineral blue color that is in between dark blue and dark green. As the name suggests this bright opaque color is used to add a peacock blue lust your ink painting strokes. 

     24. Lake Blue ████ (455)

      An opaque mineral color. There are three levels from dark to light and this is the medium blue. As its name suggests that it is a lake-like blue color.

     25. Cobalt Blue ████ (453) 

      An opaque blue mineral color. There are three levels from dark to light and this is the medium intensity blue. Commonly used over ink in slashing color technique or in the blue and green landscape.  

    26. Medium Green ████ (592)

    27. Medium Blue ████ (492)
      An opaque mineral color. There are three tones from dark to light and this is the second tone in between. If watered down and mixed with ink or other transparent greens it can be applied directly on the front side on paper for jade-green bamboo.   


Art Secret brushes (22 RQ) Squirrel hair

Hair material : Squirrel hair 

Handle material :Wood 

Item Code :22RQ

Appliaction :Watercolor 

Dimention :


22RQLength of hairWidth of hair



Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.03kg (0.07lb.)
  • Package Size: 15cm x 2cm x 1cm (5.91in x 0.79in x 0.39in)
for watercolor drawing
Eval Nylon hair Wood Handle Artist Brushes

Eval Brush: High Quality Nylon Hair 

Aluminum Tube

Wooden Handle 

Angle Shaped 

Art Secret Squirrel Hair Oak Wooden handle Watercolor Paint Brushes
Item specifics
  • Brand Name:Artsecret
  • Handle Material:Wood
  • Size:#06#10#14#18#24
  • Soluble Or Not:Paint
  • Age:>8 years old
  • Type:Oil brush
  • Model Number:777SQOVAL
  • Hair Material:Squirrel hair
  • Type:Paintbrush
  • Lead Hardness:B
Product Description

Hari Material :Squirrel hair 

Handle material :Wood 

Item Code: 777Oval 

Dimention :

777OvalLength of hairWidth of hair





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