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PEBEO 4Artist Marker Oil Paint Markers Duo Set of 8mm & 2mm
  • The 4Artist Marker is Pébéo’s multi-application "Oil-based Marker" that will revolutionize your approach to markers and to traditional painting!
  • The line is available in 18 highly pigmented, glossy finish colors which offer excellent lightfastness across the entire color range. The 4 different nibs (2mm and 4mm bullet tip, 8mm chisel tip, and 15mm broad tip) offer genuine versatility of use. Ideal for applying on smooth, non-porous surfaces, the colors are quick-drying and can also be diluted, even after several weeks, to obtain shades, glazes, gradients and fading effects. Its unique formula brings traditional oil painting techniques to a whole new level. It is now possible to paint with oils while enjoying the properties of a paint marker (accuracy of line, colour overlays …).
  • Extremely versatile, the 4Artist Marker integrates perfectly with MIXED MEDIA ®. Use them over dry Vitrail, Fantasy Prisme, Fantasy Moon, Gedeo resins, acrylics, oils and inks; all are winning combinations! Beginner and professional artists alike will find the 4Artist Marker become their favorite painting tool for creative expression.
PEBEO Pop Art Brown Polyamide Brush Set of 8 Flat and Round 950251
  • Packet of 8 brushes
  • Brown Polyamide brush
  • Supplied in a wallet
  • Suitable for most decprative work
  • Stainless steal ferrule
  • Round Brushes: for decoration, details, outlines and final touches.
  • Flat Brushes: for background, blends, flat washes and varnishing.

Pebeo High Viscosity Studio Acrylics 5 x 100ml Tube Set
An excellent starter set for Pebeo Studio Acrylics. High Viscosity Studio Acrylic is a satin acrylic which is particularly well suited to work with materials and in relief. The colour can be used directly from the tube or with Pebeo acrylic mediums; it adheres strongly and is indelible when dry. Provides a consistent paste consistency from one colour to another, for easy mixing. Each colour has an identical matt satin finish once dry. Set contains: Titanium White, Primary Cyan, Primary Yellow, Primary Magenta and Mars Black. 5 x 100ml.
Pebeo arti'stick
With Pébéo's Arti'Stick repositionable window paint, your children can create the decor! No need to wait for the holidays to give colour to your windows!

Pink - Black Outliner, Red, Light Blue, Yellow & Light Green
Blue - Black Outliner, Red, Light Blue, Brown & Yellow
Pebeo Gouache Paint 4x40ml/8x40ml
An opaque and luminous odorless paint that is washable with soapy water.
PEBEO Pop Art White Bristle Brush Set x 8 Flat & Round 950150
  • These Pebeo Brushes are made from a natural white bristle making them perfect for use with oil and acrylic paints. They are firm, robust and flexible, allowing these brushes to hold a large quantity of paint.
  • This brush set contains: 1 x Size 4 Round, 1 x Size 6 Round, 1 x Size 10 Round, 1 x Size 14 Round, 1 x Size 2 Flat, 1 x Size 6 Flat, 1 x Size 10 Flat & 1 x Size 14 Flat.
  • Round Brushes: for decoration, details, outlines and final touches.
  • Flat Brushes: for background, blends, flat washes and varnishing.

Pebeo Fragonard Pigments are very pure with good lightfastness to give a spectrum of lively tints. These pigments are intermixable and covering, and they do not completely reveal their colour until well ground.
Pigments have been known since the earliest times; they were used as cosmetics by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Pigments, which occur naturally in minerals or in animal or plant organic materials, are the basis of all colours. For over 50 years, Pebeo has manufactured pigments for oil, acrylic, watercolour and gouache paints. Together with Pebeo binding agents, pigments are the essential raw materials for all those who wish to make their colours themselves.

      Storage QTY
1 Ture cadmium yellow light S4 9
2 Cadmium Yellow Hue S2 10
3 Cadmium Yellow Orange Hue S3 8
4 True Cadmium Orange S4 9
5 True Cadmium Red S4 9
6 Napthol Red S4 10
7 Carmine Red S4 7
8 Ouinacridone Pink S4 8
9 Quinacridone Violet S4 9
10 True Cobalt Violet S5 10
11 Phtatocyanine Blue S3 9
12 True Cerruteum Blue S5 7
13 True Cobalt Blue S5 10
14 True Ultamarine Blue S2 8
15 True Prussian Blue S2 7
16 Cobalt Turquoise S4 8
17 Phthalocyanine Green S3 11
18 Cobalt Green Light S5 8
19 Cobalt Green Deep S5 9
20 True Chrome Green S3 10
21 Raw Sienna S1 10
22 Burnt Sienna S1 9
23 Raw Umber S1 10
24 Burnt Umber S1 10
25 Red Iron Oxyde S1 9
26 Black S1 5
27 White S2 9
28 Pearl S3 5
29 Bronze S4 7
30 Gold S5 8
PEBEO Studio Acrylic Modeling Paste 500ml
Opaque paste of heavy texture to create dimension and make coatings. Can be applied with a painting knife and mixed with the moist colour; when mixed mixed, the colour is slightly lightened. It retains the imprint of the tool, can be sculpted, painted and rubbed down once dry. Keeps it volume perfectly and does not crack after drying. It has a matt finish.

Made in China.

Available in 100ml and 250ml tubes, and 500ml and 1000ml bottles.
Pebeo square hard pastel 12/ 24
Hard pastels are best used on paper. The variations in the effects depend on the way the pastel is held, the degree of pressure exerted, the grain and colour of the paper. All these will make a line that is more or less saturated. Pébéo breadcrumb gum in mouldable paste form is used to clear the pastel by absorbing the pigments that are excessively deposited on the sheets. The Pébéo pastel and charcoal fixative can be used to fix the powdery pastel colour without changing the hue.
Pebeo White/Black Gesso
A UNIVERSAL UNDERLAY: Prepare all your surfaces with this diverse product that can be used on canvas, paper or wood. This opaque primer allows you to improve the adhesion of the most porous surfaces. Gesso should be painted onto the chosen surface before applying your acrylic paints. EASY APPLICATION: Apply a thin layer of this universal plaster to your substrate using a flat brush, acrylic paint spalter brush or paint spatula. Apply this gesso to any clean, non-greasy surface to fill any holes before applying your acrylic colours. QUICK DRYING: Prepare your brushes, paint palette and acrylic paint pots while drying your acrylic coating. In less than an hour, you will have a perfectly rough surface. A MANIPULABLE PRODUCT: The Pébéo gesso from the Studio Acrylics range are compatible with all Pébéo colours and auxiliaries. Once dry, you can apply over acrylics, oil, watercolour, ink etc. IDEAL PREPARATION: No prior preparation is required, this white coating allows you to waterproof all your substrates thanks to its thick, particularly covering texture. This waterproofing coating is the tool your paint case was missing.
A UNIVERSAL UNDERLAY: Prepare all your surfaces with this diverse product that can be used on canvas, paper or wood. This opaque primer allows you to improve the adhesion of the most porous surfaces.
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