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Pentel Colored Pencils Watercolor Stick 12 Colors Antique Mix/ Sweet Mix
A colored pencil which can be dissolved with water Product feature: Using this pen, you can both draw and paint as if you are using a colored pencil or a paint brush. Brand: Pentel Color: Antique mix 12 colors (Refer to the image) Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 100 mm Weight: 6g / Each Colored Pencils Material: Pigment/Wax, Surfactants Paint Brush Material: Nylon, PP, POM, PE
Pentel Poster Colors Paint Set 6 Colors 30ml
         Product Description
    • Convenient, no fuss paints
    • Strong, Vivid Colors
    • Excellent coverage density
    • Refills available in individual pots
    • Wash palette thoroughly at once after use
    • Tighten cap after use
    • Mix with water adequately make drawing smoother
    • Colors: #29 White, #12 Yellow, #11 Red, #23 Cobalt Blue, #18 Virdian, #28 Black


      Pentel Permanent Marker Maxiflo Chisel Point
      Product Description:
      Super Long Writing Distance
      Xylene & Toluene-Free
      Pentel Rubber Eraser Zeh-10/Zeh-05

      • Excellent quality pencil eraser • Micro capsule formula gives super-clean results • Less friction and effort than ordinary erasers • Minimal debris • Protective sleeve

      Pentel Poster Colors Paint Set 12 Colors 30ml

      Pentel Poster color

      Wash palette thoroughly at once after use.tighten cap after use.

      Mix with water adequately make drawing smoother.

      • Pentel Poster Colors
      • 12 Colors set  
      • Convenient
      • No fuss Paint
      • Strong, Vivid Colors
      • Excellent coverage and density

      Product Description


      Pentel 12 Color Set Arts Oil Pastels
      • Brilliant colored pastels apply smoothly and blend easily for subtle shades, tints and color mixtures
      • Easy to use for artists of all ages
      • Acid-free pastels are ideal for use on paper, board or canvas
      • More vivid than chalk pastels and more resistant to the effects of humidity for longer-lasting drawings
      • ACMI Certified

      Pentel Poster Colors Contained in durable handy polyethylene tubes 8 colors 12 colors and 15 colours Avaliable

      Poster Colors with high opacity and color strength for design, illustration and gouache painting.

      • In 12ml semi-transparent white colored tube.
      • Utilize both features of semi-transparent water color and opaque water color.
      • Remaining bright color even if thinning with water or mixing color.

      Pentel Hybrid Roller Gel Pen Sigh Rollerball with mental tip 0.8mm Gold/Sliver/White Colors K108

      1Pc Pentel Hybrid  Roller K108 Gel Pen line drawing pen Sigh Pen Rollerball Pen with mental tip 0.8mm Gold/Sliver/White Colors 


      -  Pentel Hybrid Roller K108 

      -  ball diameter:0.8mm

      -  Ink Color:Gold,Sliver,White

       -  Brand New

      - Size:150*13mm

      - Weight:9g







      Pentel Arts Colour Brush Tip Pens XGFL
      Pentel Arts Colour Brush
      - Made in Japan
      - Nylon brush tip pen
      - Water-based ink
      - Synthetic fibre tip
      - Can be used for brush calligraphy and painting

      Pentel Hybrid Milky 0.8mm Gel Roller Pens [7 pcs + 1 pc] Set

      Specifications of Pentel Hybrid Milky 0.8mm Gel Roller Pens [7 pcs + 1 pc] Set

      • Brand
      • SKU
      • Number of Pieces in Set
      • Pen Type
        Gel Pens
      • Model
        Pentel Hybrid Milky 0.8mm Gel Roller Pens [7 pcs + 1 pc] Set
      What’s in the box
      1 set of Pentel Hybrid Milky Pastel Gel Pen (0.8mm)
      Pentel Metallic Fude Brush Pen - Kinnoho Gold
      Filled with vivid, opaque metallic ink, this brush pen is perfect for creating beautiful brush lettering and adding festive accents to holiday and birthday cards. It features high-quality nylon bristles and a convenient push button for controlling ink flow.


      • Shake well before use.
      • The first time you use the pen, push the button at the end of the pen until ink fills the tip.
      • Whenever the writing becomes thin or dry, press the button again to recharge the tip with ink.
      • Be careful when uncapping the pen. Accidentally pressing the button while the pen is capped can cause ink to leak into the cap.
      • Store the pen horizontally or with the tip pointing up, and keep the pen away from excessive heat. Storing the pen tip-down or exposing it to excessive heat can cause ink to leak into the cap.
      • If the tip becomes dried out, dip the tip in hot water for 1–2 minutes. Dip only the tip in hot water, not the rest of the pen.
      Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen 6colors/ 12colors/set
      • Create expressive drawings and write beautiful characters with these felt tip Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pens.
      • Each pen features a durable brush tip that offers good control while drawing varying line widths.
      • The water-based dye ink flows smoothly and is available in a wide range of bright colours.
      • These pens are a unique addition to any artist's box!
      • Bundle A includes 6 colours: Black, Blue, Gray, Pink, Sky Blue and Violet.
      • Bundle B includes all 12 colours: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Sky Blue, Violet, Yellow, and Yellow Ochre.
      Picture in watercolors pastel Vistage 12/24 colors set of Pentel




      Picture in watercolors pastel Vistage of Pentel adult

      • The item which it was the full-scale art supplies which did not lose in professional specifications either, but was planned so that anyone could describe a painting willingly.
        The thick painting is possible by Kobe ink color development like a crayon, too, and I rub it with a tissue and shade it off, and I open a color in attached a kind of writing brush, and a picture in watercolors touch can express it, too.
        A cover of the pearl white is most suitable for a gift in a stylish box.
      • Set contents: 12 colors of pastels (deep orange, Peer vermillion, Maho queen crab, red, yellow, light blue, pink, yellow-green, green, cobalt blue, black, white), a kind of writing brush
      • Package size: 155*10*18mm
      • Weight: 124 g
      • Pastel body size: 7*7*65mm
      • Do not see it; writing brush body size: 11*11*135mm
      • Materials: I label writing brush ... nylon, PP, POM, PE, a box, winding without reading pastel ... color, wax oil, a surfactant: Paper
      • In case of the email service hope is careful: While delivery charges are seized, the email service needs the days than home delivery by sending it. In addition, there is not a guarantee for the damage. As I post it and am mailed, the C.O.D. cannot be chosen for a payment method.
      Pentel Fluorescent Marker Highlighter 3 Colors Pack and 5 Colors Pack

      Pentel Fluorescent Marker Highlighter 

      • Highlighter pen, the cutting head, fluorescent color, bright and durable.
      • General pen grip size suitable for highlighting the phase narrow line.
      • Use either general paper, copy paper, and fax paper.
      • Chisel tip 1.0mm | 3.5mm
      • ink Colors:  3 colors/pack Yellow, Light Green, Pink
      • ink colors:  5 colors/packOrange, Yellow, Light Green, Pink, Sky Blue

      Pentel Arts Coloring Pens Pointe Large x8 and x12 Of Set SCS3E-8
      • Coloring pens
      • Water-based washable ink: machine-based for fabrics and with warm water and soap on the skin
      • Bright and bright colors
      • Large, secure and resistant tip that does not sink under pressure
      • Ideal for children over 3 years old
      • Ventilated anti-choking cap
      Tip sizeLarge
      Width of the route1.0-6.0 mm

      Pentel Correction Tape 12m x 5mm ZTT15
      Pentel’s jumbo correction tape is approximately double the length of standard tapes and offers a sliding cap to protect the tape from damage.
      Tape size : 5mm X 12m
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