Baohong Watercolor Paper Loose Pack-180/230/300/350gsm A5/A4/A3/A2 (Academy Level)


Whether you are painting with watercolor paints, markers, pencils, ink, charcoal for painting, sketching, printmaking or drawing, these papers would out-perform and deliver extraordinarily vibrant colors.

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BAOHONG Academy Watercolor paper pad
Material: 100% of cotton
Binding method: Loose paper plastic bag packaging
Item graded-- Academy

Feature: scrub resistance, can be modified,natural white
Note: It is cotton pulp paper, not wood pulp paper. It is perfect and you deserve it
cotton pulp watercolor, watercolor paper is divided into (fine grain,medium grain,coarse grain) Texture clear ,resistant scrub
It can be modified ,natural white ,suitable for watercolor painting
10 loose sheets of 300GSM acid free light fast and non-ageing with high quality cotton fiber for water color painting
The surface of this paper has undergone a proprietary gelatin sizing process that delivers extraordinarily brilliant colors
Made from 100% cotton, this acid-free, off-white paper is best suited for experienced artists, as its unique surface treatment makes corrections more difficult.


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180gsm-A2 (10 Sheet), 180gsm-A3 (20 Sheet), 180gsm-A4 (20 sheet), 180gsm-A5 (20 sheet), 230gsm-A2 (10 sheet), 230gsm-A3 (20 sheet), 230gsm-A4 (20 sheet), 230gsm-A5 (20 sheet), 300gsm-A2 (10 Sheet), 300gsm-A3 (20 Sheet), 300gsm-A4 (20 Sheet), 300gsm-A5 (20 Sheet), 350gsm-A2 (10 Sheet), 350gsm-A3 (20 Sheet), 350gsm-A4 (20 Sheet), 350gsm-A5 (20 Sheet)


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Baohong Watercolor Paper Loose Pack-180/230/300/350gsm A5/A4/A3/A2 (Academy Level)


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