Artist Quality Pure Cotton Primed Canvas Roll 1.83*2m/5m/10m


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1 Keep for a long time and protect the printing color from changing.


2 Fiber is longer than other material of canvas.(hundred years)


3 It has better corrosion resistance , fungus resistance and more stronger.


4 The texture is tightness and will not flabby.

  • Acid-free, double-primed acrylic-based surface ensures years of longevity without yellowing or fading.
  • Can be easily cut or trimmed to any desired size.
  • Ideal for printing, drawing, oil, acrylic or water-based painting, home crafts and studio arts.
  • Choose your size!
  • Canvas on the roll offers artists the flexibility to create artworks of any size, or is suitable for artists who prefer to stretch their own canvas.It is also perfect for creating backdrops, murals and banners.

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1300280g1.83×2, 1300280g1.83×5, 1300350g1.83×10, 1300350g1.83×2, 1300350g1.83×5


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Artist Quality Pure Cotton Primed Canvas Roll 1.83*2m/5m/10m


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