MM Acrylic Flow Medium – 60ml / 250ml / 500ml



Mont Marte Premium Acrylic Flow Medium increases the translucency and flow of your acrylic paints without losing their colour intensity. This highly versatile acrylic pouring medium can be used to thin acrylic paints and mediums, or to dilute binders.

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  • Mix this medium with acrylic paints to increase flow
  • Makes paint easier to spread across large areas
  • Creates smooth, long brush strokes
  • Suitable for spin art
  • Ideal for lettering with acrylic paint
  • Mix varying amounts of medium with your acrylic paints to create different levels of flow. You might also like to add a touch of water to your medium for thicker bodied acrylics
  • Clean up with warm soapy water while wet
Handy hint:
  • Note: Large amounts may increase paint translucency

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    Flow Medium 250ml, Flow Medium 500ml, Flow Medium 60ml


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    MM Acrylic Flow Medium – 60ml / 250ml / 500ml


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