MM Ceramic Liquid Paint 6pc / 26pc x 20ml



Use Mont Marte Signature Ceramic Paints on porcelain, china and glass to personalise your homewares and gifts. The set of 6 opaque colours can be mixed for an endless palette or diluted with water for a more translucent effect.

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  • 6 x 20ml (0.7oz) pots of various colours - White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red & Black
  • Ideal for porcelain, china and glass
  • Oven set in just 30 mins
  • Mixable for an endless palette

  • Includes 26 x 20ml (0.7 US fl.oz) bottles:
    • 2 ceramic mediums
    • 24 opaque paints: White, Yellow Pink, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Tangerine, Orange, Vermillion, Scarlet, Crimson, Magenta, Lavender, Purple, Phthalo Blue, Cobalt Blue, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Chartreuse, Lime, Sap Green, Olive Green, Viridian, Burnt Sienna, Sienna, Lamp Black
  • Ideal for porcelain, china and glass
  • Oven set in just 30 mins
  • Mix colours for an endless palette
Handy hints:
  • For decorative use, not recommended for surfaces used for food and drinks
  • Not suitable for microwave ovens or dishwashers
  • Add medium to increase translucency for layering colours or create a glaze effect
  1. Make sure the surface is dry and clean
  2. Create your design with a paintbrush or sponge
  3. Allow it to try completely (24 hours)
  4. Once dry, heat in the oven for approximately 30 mins at 140 degrees to fix (temperature may vary depending on oven, so testing is recommended). Avoid washing for 24hrs.
  5. Gentle hand-wash only. Do not soak. Not suitable for microwave ovens or dishwashers
  • Mandala
  • Splatter effect
  • Fluid art
  • Glaze
  • Lace
  • Bubbles
  • Silkscreens
  • Sponging

Personalise your homewares, gifts and art using our Ceramic Paints Signature 26pc. Inside this set, you'll find 24 vibrant shades to choose from and two mediums, so you can begin painting on porcelain, china or glass straight away. Plus, you can mix the paints for an endless colour palette or dilute with water for a translucent effect. If you've got some ceramic projects on your list, give our ceramic paints a go and create something special.

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MM Ceramic Liquid Paint 6pc / 26pc x 20ml


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