MM Dimension Acrylic – 75ml



Mont Marte Premium Dimension Acrylic is a high viscosity fine art paint that offers artists a new dimension in painting. This acrylic’s ultra thick consistency can be applied with brush, palette knife or shaper to create especially exaggerated texture effects.Dries hard and holds shape while still maintaining flexibility and smooth flow-ability. It can be diluted with water or acrylic mediums for glazing or watercolour techniques. With dilution, the pigment still holds strong colour intensity. Excellent lightfastness and premium quality pigment means colour strength will stay brilliant for longer. The series is available in a range of vivid colours which dry to a radiant gloss finish.

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Click here: Dimension Acrylic - Star, Moon and Pigment Breakdowns
  • high viscosity
  • gloss finish
  • strong colour intensity
  • excellent light-fastness
  • premium quality pigment
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Brilliant Red 75ml, Burnt Sienna 75ml, Burnt Umber 75ml, Carmine 75ml, Cobalt Blue 75ml, Cream 75ml, Cyan 75ml, Emerald Green 75ml, Gold 75ml, Hookers Green 75ml, LampBlack 75ml, Lemon Yellow 75ml, Magenta 75ml, Medium Yellow 75ml, Monastral Cerulean 75ml, Monastral Green 75ml, Naples Yellow 75ml, Neutral Grey 75ml, Olive Green 75ml, Orange 75ml, Paynes Grey 75ml, Pearl Purple 75ml, Pearl Sapphire 75ml, Pearl White 75ml, Pearl Wine Red 75ml, Pearl Yellow Mid 75ml, Permanent Red 75ml, Phthalo Blue 75ml, Purple 75ml, Raw Sienna 75ml, Raw Umber 75ml, Red Ochre 75ml, Sand 75ml, Sap Green 75ml, Silver 75ml, Terre Verte 75ml, Titanium White 75ml, Turquoise 75ml, Ultramarine Blue 75ml, Van Dyke Brown 75ml, Violet 75ml, Viridian 75ml, Yellow Deep 75ml, Yellow Ochre 75ml, Zinc White 75ml


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MM Dimension Acrylic – 75ml


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