MM SuperCell Pouring Paint – 240ml



Create instant cells right before your eyes with our SuperCell Pouring Paint range. These paints come specially formulated to help you get some amazing cell effects without having to add anything. Plus, they’re pre-mixed and ready to pour straight away. They offer great coverage and fluid consistency and come in an easy-squeeze bottle to get you the best fluid painting results. If you haven’t already, check out the vibrant colour range today and give them a go for yourself!

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Additional Details

  • Available in a range of acrylic pouring colours
  • Specially formulated to creates instant cells in fluid and pour painting
  • Pre-mixed and ready to go, no need for additional mediums
  • Great coverage, fluid consistency, opaque colour to help get you best results
  • Non toxic and water-based acrylic for easy cleaning
  • Simply choose your colours and pour them onto a canvas or board then watch the cells appear
Handy hints:
  • For best results, shake well before use
  • Good ventilation recommended
  • Mix additional pouring medium with your paints to increase flow
  • Varnish once dry for an extra vibrant finish
  • Dirty cup pour
  • Flip cup pour
  • String pull
  • Dutch pour
  • Puddle pour
  • Tree ring pour
  • Swipe pour

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Bright Yellow, Cadmium Red, Gold, Lamp Black, Light Purple, Turquoise, White, Fuchsia, HotPink, Light Aquamarine, Navy Blue, Teal


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MM SuperCell Pouring Paint – 240ml


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