PVA craft glue clear drying 250g/1kg

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    The glue goes transparent after drying, would not affect the overall appearance of artistic work
    The bottleneck is sealed with foam stick, to prevent the glue spilling out
    The fine tip enclosed with transparent cap, replace it after use to prevent the glue dry- out and blocking
    The Mont Marte PVA Craft Glue is made of safe and reliable materials, acid-free and non-toxic, strong adhesive, extra clear transparency. A great choice for a wild range of art materials such as paper, wood, display board, fabric. Also used for filling up the small gap
    The Mont Marte PVA Craft Glue Fine Tip is the best for school projects, handmade art craft, offices, designers and more. You can fix your work clean with this draft glue
    • Manufacturer:Mont Marte

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