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Umistrong Calligraphy Set | Bundle| Promotion| Chinese
High Quality of materials Included brush, calligraphy paper, reel, ink, and plates
Tianma Heasteed Clove Oil Oil Of Spike Lavender Oil Color Medium For Artists Use 75ml
  • Oil of spike lavender, also known as lavender oil, is one of the major medium of the European classical traditional painting. Which is made from the whole spike lavender plants with a light scent. It is pure and transparent, and without any impurities.

Tianma Heasteed Acrylic Retard Medium For Artists Use 75ml
  • Its facade id in form of milky liquid but become clear and transparent after drying. It can mix with colors and enhance the adhesion and flexibility of colors. When extremely diluted with colors, it still can keep brilliant colors.
  • It can retard the drying time, when used in mixing with acrylic colors for easel painting or outdoor painting. So that painters can control the interrelation of brushwork and adjacent color range, and more easily finish the process of painting.
Tianma Heasteed Acrylic transparent Gloss Medium And Liquid Medium For Artists Use 75ml
  • Acrylic Liquid Medium
  • Its facade is in form of milky liquid but become clear and transparent after drying. It is mainly used for diluting acrylic colors and enhancing the fluidity of colors.
  • It can still be used for softening brushwork and keeping adhesion of colors.
  • According to the requirement of painting, adding quantities can be adjusted and proper water for mixing colors after dilution(1/3 to 1/2 of the color)be added.
  • To be used as vanish over finished painting.
  • To be used as binder for collage.
  • Art works can reveal vertical depth by using it.

  • Acrylic Transparent Gloss Medium
  • Its facade is in form of milky liquid but become clear, transparent and crystallized.
  • When mixed with acrylic colors, it will add transparency to color and make the painting become full-bodied and profound.
  • When badly diluted with colors, it still can keep brilliant colors and enhance the gloss, adhesion, flexibility and fluidity of colors and reduce brushwork.
  • To be used as light varnish over finished painting.
SIMBALION Graphic Pencil GPC-12
Pensil Gambar dari SIMBALION GPC-12 ini sangat cocok untuk yang ingin menggambar ketika ada kegiatan sekolah atau sekedar hobi gambar. Karena produk SIMBALION GPC-12 sangat lengkap isi 12 pensil dengan tingkat ketebalan yang berbeda-beda.

Pensil Art SIMBALION ini tidak beracun (non-toxic). Aman untuk semua usia. Sangat ideal untuk kegiatan menggambar, mensketsa (grafik), buat shading atau melengkapi alat tulis anda. Dengan grafit yang bertekstur halus, produk ini sangat cocok untuk pemula maupun profesional.

Untuk membedakan tingkat ketebalan, setiap seri akan dilabeli dengan dengan huruf dan angka.

Pencil dengan tipe tebal berlabel H (inisial yang diambil dari Hard) sedangkan tipe halus berlabel B (inisial yang diambil dari Black). Pencil dengan ketebalan sedang (ditengah) adalahHB. Sedangkan F (inisial yang diambil dari Firm) untuk ketebalan medium antara H dan HB.
Simbalion Pencil Crayons 15 colours
Brand: SIMBALION Product Name: lion lion long -15 color erasable crayons General drawing purposes Principal component; pigment: wax head
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