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Simbalion Pencil Crayons 15 colours
Brand: SIMBALION Product Name: lion lion long -15 color erasable crayons General drawing purposes Principal component; pigment: wax head
Simbalion Hard Pastel 12/ 24 colors
● Strong tones. High adhesion. Similar to the touch of wax crayon. ● High hardness and strength against fracture. Suitable for both professional and also for students and children. ● Unique square shape that works for both details and large-scale drawing. Excellent for color sketch and detailed drawing. ● Recommended to be used together with soft pastel. ● Certified non-toxic.
Simbalion Color Pencils - 24 colors
Simbalion 24 color, no wood, colored pencils.
DescriptionBrand :SimbalionName: Gallery pastel /sketch pastelColor: 12 color / boxPacking size:173mmx92mmx22mmPastel size:65mmx9mmx9mmWeight :0.25kgCharacteristic:The color is thick, the adhesion is high, is closer to the crayon effect. The hardness and flexural resistance are higher. The unique four corners shape is suitable for drawing fine lines or large areas. Can be used to paint a color sketch or a delicate work.

Simbalion 12/16/28/36 Colors Set Watercolor Cakes
Color / Size12 colors
Item NO.: WCC-12
Packing: 12 sets/Inner box; 120 sets/Master carton
The three types of watercolor can surely be used at the same time. But some times you may find them not so well mixed when put together. Therefore, when a thick, non-transparent watercolor is mixed in water with a transparent one, you may see some wrinkles and grains. Some artists would even take advantage of this phenomenon to apply some "special effect". For different levels of users, it may be recommendable to use different watercolor.
Maped Study Compass And Pencil With 12cm Ruler On The Case
*Colours are given at random unless otherwise stated. Thank you.
Maped Study Compass With Pencil and Sturdy Case. 
This 2 piece compass set from Maped is perfect for any pencil case or maths set. Including a metal self centring compass with safety point and a 9cm pencil you can guarantee your work will always be accurate. Includes a handy plastic case for storage. 
  • Self-centring compass
  • Safety point
  • 9mm pencil includedSturdy case with handy 12cm ruler along the edge
  • Trusted Maped quality

Simbalion Cream Lion 36 Colours Set Color Pencil For Kids
Product Description

Simbalion Cream Lion Oil Painting Color Pencil 12/24/36 Non-toxic Lapis De Cor Drawing Colored Pencils for School Supplies &kids

  • Size: 12 24 36 colors for your selection
  • Type: Oily colored pencil
  • Refill hardness: 2B
  • Packing type: carton pac
  • Concealed pen tip: Intensive pen refill, safer and more reliable
  • Lead core: high-quality lead core with bright color, lead core diameter 3.3mm, smooth picture
  • Anti-break: SV bonding technology makes the refill not easy to break
  • Pen body: environmentally friendly water-based paint, safe and environmentally friendly
  • Applicable crowd: artist & art lover & beggine & student & children etc
  • It will be well packed, please don't worry about the shipping.
  • Features: Colored pencils are easy to carry, easy to carry, easy to color, and the line drawing features a wide range of expressions, rich in color, and is a painting tool that is often used when it comes to art
Simbalion 12 colors Set Oil Pastel
As oil pastel has a very delicate texture, you can rub its power to create color shades like gradients.
SIMBALION Face and Body Crayons
6 cps non-toxic face and body crayons For children age 3+
SIMBALION T-Shirt Markers / Fabric Markers
This Fabric Brush Marker feature double nibs: Japan-made brush nib, for brush writing and soft strokes; fine-liner nib, for thin line and hand-writing. Dyestuff inks, recommended for light-color fabric. Permanent after drying. Non-toxic. Safe for everyone.
Simbalion FMC-6 Color Mending Bar Set for Wooden Ware Modeling Hobby Painting Model Paint Tools

Simbalion FMC-6 Color Mending Bar Set for Wooden Ware Modeling Hobby Painting Model Paint Tools


- Manufacturer:Simbalion

- Series: Paint and Weathering Tools

- Included: Simbalion FMC-6 Color Mending Bar Set x 1 Set (each strick length is approx 82 mm, 6 pcs in a set)

- This is product for repairing your wooden toys, there are 6 Pcs in this set. 


Color / Size12 colors
Product NO3204246A
Item NO.GPS-12
PackingPacking: 12 sets/Inner box; 72 sets/Master carton

With the same ranges of lead grades of traditional tin case set, the new Simbalion Graphic Pencil in plastic case enhances mobility as weight reduced substantially. Along with Pastel Sketch Set as well as Graphic Pencil and Pastel For Sketch, we offer you great flexibility in selecting and cross-using art materials and techniques.

Simbalion watercolor cake, with its easiness and readiness to use, solves the problem: wet with water and it works immediately, avoiding all messes.
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