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Cotton Canvas (Thick) 3.7cm ( Large size over 1 meter ) (6637)

Canvas Cotton 1.7cm Thin [2181]
Canvas Cotton 3.7cm Thick [5147]

Canvas Linen 1.7cm Thin [5309]
Canvas Linen 3.7cm Thick [5148]

Canvas Linen 1.7cm (Black) Thin [5330]
Canvas Linen 3.7cm (Black) Thick [5331]

new 380g/m224x303.6
new 380g/m230x304.5
new 380g/m230x404.7

Canvas Cotton Round 1.7cm

531720 Canvas Cotton Round 1.7cm 20cm
531730 Canvas Cotton Round 1.7cm 30cm
531740 Canvas Cotton Round 1.7cm 40cm
531750 Canvas Cotton Round 1.7cm 50cm
531760 Canvas Cotton Round 1.7cm 60cm
531770 Canvas Cotton Round 1.7cm 70cm
531780 Canvas Cotton Round 1.7cm 80cm
531790 Canvas Cotton Round 1.7cm 90cm
5317100 Canvas Cotton Round 1.7cm 100cm
Pebeo 4Artist Markers - 2mm
The Pebeo 4ARTIST markers are oil-based paint pens that work great for both fine and graphic arts, craft project decorating, and mixed media! Use them on surfaces like canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, metal, plastic, glass, and more!!

The highly pigmented, quick-drying paint leaves a glossy mark that is vivid, opaque, and lightfast. Colors are permanent once dry, but can be reworked with mineral spirits to create shading and other special gradation effects.
Pentel Hybrid Dual Metallic Liquid Gel Roller Pen 4 colors and 8 colors Set K110-4ST1 K110-8T

Pentel Hybrid Dual Metallic Liquid Gel Roller Pen 

1.0mm gel roller with 8 dual metallic color. Each pen has two kinds of metallic ink inside and the color will be different from the angles you view the written or drawn area. The color will be different when you write or draw on white paper and black paper. Perfect for cards, decorations, pictures, drawings and designs 

  • 4 colors per set:
  •  Green + Metallic Red, Pink + Metallic Blue, Yellow + Metallic Green, Blue + Gold.
  • 8 colors per set: 
  • Black + Metallic Red
  • Blue + Metallic Green
  • Green + Metallic Blue
  • Orange + Metallic Yellow
  • Pink + Metallic Pink
  • Violet + Metallic Blue
  • Gold
  • Silver

Artline Glue Stick For Home Office and Schools Use 8g
  • For home, office & School
  • Easy, Clean & Washable
  • Acid Free
  • Made in Korea

Pebeo Gedeo 1.5kg Non-Firing Clay
Self-hardening clay GEDEO - white 1500g. Slow-drying. Drying time approx. 5-7 days.
Yayoi Air Dry Clay



● 本黏土非食品請勿吞食
● 萬一觸摸黏土的手去觸摸到眼睛或口中,請馬上用水清洗。使用後請用肥皂等清洗雙手。
● 本產品造型成品後請不要浸水或裝水會導致作品溶解。
● 未滿3歲兒童須由成人陪同使用。
Shuangfeng Wooden Sketch Board A3 and A2 Size
  • Size A2, A3 Available
  • A2/ 48.5cmx63cm   1.24kg,
  • A3/ 36.5cmx46cm    0.75g
  • For sketching, drawing and easy to carry

Foldable A4 easel (with box) (XHC1)

It's great for multi-use for painting, sketching and even used as a book for stand for recipe/baking books.

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