The traditional and most common support material to which the paint is applied for watercolor paintings is paper. Other supports include papyrus, bark papers, plastics, vellum, leather, fabric, wood, and canvas. Watercolor paper is often made entirely or partially with cotton.

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3M Scotch Foam Double Sided Mounting Tape Super Sticky Tape 550cm Length 320C
Size: 24mm*5.5m
Color: White
Adhesive on both sides
Easy to apply
Package Include:
1x Double Sided tape

Nikki Plasticine / Modelling Clay MD1 (MD-1)


Modelling Clay. A creative and fun way for children to learn new craft skills. 
- Safe & Non-Toxic
- Clean, Soft and Pliable
- Does not stick on hands
- Conforms to safety standards 

UHU transparent All Purpose Adhesive Glue 7ml/20ml/35ml/60ml/125ml

The head and paper will be sucked in, it is wasteful, and the uhu glue will not, and the 502 will dry too fast. Sometimes it will be too busy to adjust, and it will be too brittle after drying. The uhu glue is very tough.


1. Germany UHU is not made in China, it is always imported.
2. Germany UHU's super glue is soft super glue
3.UHU sticks well, does not harden after drying, is still soft
4. Germany UHU is a sticky and flexible, a good helper for soft substances.
5.UHU super glue usually dry for 10 minutes, 2~4 hours quick drying
6.UHU is a transparent, colorless gelatinous liquid, similar to "snot", image
7. Remember that UHU has a similar acid smell of silica gel and will not be pungent.
8. The genuine UHU cover is tightened and placed in the drawer. It will not dry for 5 years.
9. The genuine UHU cover is tightened and can be opened at any time without sticking.
10.UHU is a gelatinous liquid, so it will not wet the adherend
(502 sticky paper, the paper will be wet a large piece, UHU will not)
11. Although UHU is an attachment surface, the adhesion strength is very large.

This product is also suitable for use as a model glue, and the effect is very good! Suitable for the crowd: students, advertising companies, design schools

Maped Shaker 2 Hole Sharpener
Colors are given at random
Teyijia Good Easy 4 Holes Multi-functional Pencil Sharpener For Charcoal Pencil Sketch Pencils Drawing
  • TYJ-B
  • Age:>3 years old
  • Type:Standard
  • Novelty:FANTASTIC
Product Description 

Hole 1 and hole 2 are for peel wood. Hole 3 and holde 4 are for peel lead.

ZEBRA Hi-McKee MO-150-MC
A product number: MO-150-MC ●Thickness for two uses It is the convenient oiliness marker which is usable by thickness for two uses with one. ●Oiliness ink With quick-drying, water resistance, you can use it for paper, cloth, a tree, corrugated cardboard glass plastic, metal, vinyl widely. (not suitable for the soft vinyl chloride products such as ※ floats.)
Superior Twin Marker Pen Set 1/5mm Alcohol Based Ink Art Markers For Design 12 pcs Set
State the colors you require in the memo and we will arrange for you
Faber Castell Kneadable Eraser Grey In Plastic Box
Key Features:
  • Easily kneadable and absorbent 
  • Comes with a clear carrying case
  • No mess
Perfect For:
  • Correcting mistakes made with charcoal, pastels or graphite
  • Kneadable and absorbant erasing
  • Leaving no residue behind
Faber Castell Pencil and Ink Eraser
Ink & Pencil Eraser
Faber Castell Is The Biggest Manufacturer Of Erasers In The World Superior Erasers With Special German Formulation For Clean, Effortless Erasing. While Erasing, Dust Rolls Together Hence There Is No Dust On Paper. 
Features :
Medium Size, Dual Purpose Eraser
White For Pencil And Blue For Ink Erasing
Phthalate Free Child Safe Erasers

Besform Drawing Block/Besform Sketch Book/Sketch Book/A3 A4 A5 Size Sketch Book/WaterColor Drawing Media
Sturdy block of medium-weight 135 gsm white drawing paper, suitable for ink, watercolour, pastel, charcoal, crayon, pencil and other drawing media.
Faber Castell Grip Marker Whiteboard, round tip, wallet of 4
Grip Marker Whiteboard, round tip, wallet of 4 The Grip Whiteboard Marker, with its robust round tip and ergonomic triangular shape with dotted grip zone, enables a presenter working on a whiteboard to correct or remove text and sketches quickly and without water. The low-odour ink in red, blue, green and black is fast drying, highly lightfast and can be easily wiped off dry without residues Product details Ergonomic triangular shape for tireless marking and writing Dotted grip zone for a secure, non-slip grip Intense colours, quick-drying, low odour and high lightfastness Dry wipe, residue-free With a robust round tip Available in 4 bold ink colours Wallet of 4
Pentel Rubber Eraser Zeh-10/Zeh-05

• Excellent quality pencil eraser • Micro capsule formula gives super-clean results • Less friction and effort than ordinary erasers • Minimal debris • Protective sleeve

UHU Por Expanded Polystyrene Glue Transparent Flexible Adhesive 50 ml

UHU Por is a quick-setting special adhesive for bonding expanded polysterene, e.g. Styropor® also in combination with other materials. It forms an elastic adhesive film which is highly resistant to age, colorless and waterproof.


Glue expanded Styrofoam® also in combination with other materials, e.g. wood, paper, metal, ceramic , plaster, fabric and various plastics. Also for photos.

Use and Handling Instructions

Apply adhesive to both parts and let dry. Once dry to the touch (after approx. 10 minutes) press together very firmly for a short time being careful not to damage the rigid foam film.

3M Scotch Magic Tape for Office and Home Use 1 roll 810# 19mmx10m
  • Original matte-finish, invisible tape will not dry out or yellow and pulls off the roll smoothly and cuts easily
  • Tape is invisible when applied and won't show on copies
  • Sturdy construction resists splitting and tearing
  • Easy-to-apply tape can be repositioned initially, yet secures permanently
  • Write on with pen, pencil or marker. Photo-safe tape is great for mending, splicing and many other permanent 
Pentel Permanent Marker Maxiflo Chisel Point (NLF60)
Brand: Pentel
Name: Maxiflo Permanent Marker
  • Low-odour vivid liquid ink marker
  • Unique push-button ink revival system
  • Ink flows smoothly to the last drop (push button to revive colour)
  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces including cardboard, wood, metal, glass, vinyl, etc.
  • Visible ink reservoir to view remaining ink level
  • Chisel tip fine point (NLF60-B)
Goldlion Correction Tape with refill GL-719+R
Correction tape with refill. Tape size : 5mm X 6M
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