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UHU Hart Special Glue Pegamento Especial 35g Tube

UHU hart

crystal clear, quick-setting special adhesive for assembling small parts in model building, handicraft and general use at home. Particularly suitable for balsa wood and wooden materials 35g tube with a separate fine nozzle.


UHU hart is a crystal-clear, fast drying adhesive for assembling small parts in model building, for handicraft work and for household tasks. Particularly suitable for balsa wood and other wooden materials. UHU hart is also suitable for stiffening and sealing the surface of materials. Dries hard.



Glues balsa wood, wood based materials, metal and many types of plastic. For model building. Not suitable for Styrofoam®, PE nor PP. Use and Handling Instructions



How to apply

Surfaces must be dry and free of dust and grease. Apply a thin layer to one side. Immediately place the parts together and hold in place. For hard, enclosed surfaces apply a thin layer to both sides, let the adhesive dry, then re-apply to one side, place the parts together and hold in place.

UHU Por Expanded Polystyrene Glue Transparent Flexible Adhesive 50 ml

UHU Por is a quick-setting special adhesive for bonding expanded polysterene, e.g. Styropor® also in combination with other materials. It forms an elastic adhesive film which is highly resistant to age, colorless and waterproof.


Glue expanded Styrofoam® also in combination with other materials, e.g. wood, paper, metal, ceramic , plaster, fabric and various plastics. Also for photos.

Use and Handling Instructions

Apply adhesive to both parts and let dry. Once dry to the touch (after approx. 10 minutes) press together very firmly for a short time being careful not to damage the rigid foam film.

UHU Pega Glue Pen 50ml

Product details of UHU Glue Pen - The All Purpose Adhesive - 50ml

  • Great quality
  • Durable
  • Made with high quality material
  • Essential stationery for everyday use

A general-purpose glue that's easy to use, yet has the strength you need to do the job.

Clear and doesn't leave a sticky residue.

Excellent sticky power with an instant adhesion.

UHU Glue Stic Magic Blue 8.2g and 21g

Uhu Stic Magic adheres paper, cardboard and photos easily, quickly and cleanly.

It does not dry out thanks to screw cap.

When using the UHU stic MAGIC, the adhesive is shown where it is applied.

When applied, it leaves a violet mark on the surface and magically disappears when dried.

Get out of hand easily.


  • The adhesive dries smoothly and does not wrinkle the paper.
  • Easy to use
  • Quickly and cleanly adheres.
  • For paper, cardboard, photographs and other materials
  • Solvent free.
  • Tested against carcinogenic dyestuffs and chemicals that have a detrimental effect on skin contact.
  • It does not contain any harmful substances.
  • Size: 8.2g and 21g

UHU Glue Stic 8.2g and 21g
– UHU Solvent-free stick, the convenient, clean and solvent-free glue stick with a unique screw cap to protect from drying out
– Fast, durable and economical
– Spreads easily and sticks immediately
– Washes out easily with cold water
– For use at home, at school and in the office

UHU contact stick (clean and easy power type)
  • UHU Contact Stick Universal extra strong glue stick
  • Transparent, Clean & Easy power glue
  • 20 g
  • Made in Germany
UHU transparent All Purpose Adhesive Glue 35ml/60ml/125ml

The head and paper will be sucked in, it is wasteful, and the uhu glue will not, and the 502 will dry too fast. Sometimes it will be too busy to adjust, and it will be too brittle after drying. The uhu glue is very tough.


1. Germany UHU is not made in China, it is always imported.
2. Germany UHU's super glue is soft super glue
3.UHU sticks well, does not harden after drying, is still soft
4. Germany UHU is a sticky and flexible, a good helper for soft substances.
5.UHU super glue usually dry for 10 minutes, 2~4 hours quick drying
6.UHU is a transparent, colorless gelatinous liquid, similar to "snot", image
7. Remember that UHU has a similar acid smell of silica gel and will not be pungent.
8. The genuine UHU cover is tightened and placed in the drawer. It will not dry for 5 years.
9. The genuine UHU cover is tightened and can be opened at any time without sticking.
10.UHU is a gelatinous liquid, so it will not wet the adherend
(502 sticky paper, the paper will be wet a large piece, UHU will not)
11. Although UHU is an attachment surface, the adhesion strength is very large.

This product is also suitable for use as a model glue, and the effect is very good! Suitable for the crowd: students, advertising companies, design schools

UHU Patafix 80 Glue Pads Removable And Reusable
  • Handling Instructions: Surfaces must be clean and dry. Pull to remove a pad or more and knead until it is soft and warm. Place the uhu patafix on the item to affix and press firmly into place. To remove, gently peel the pad away and roll off any excess by dabbing with uhu patafix. 
Pebeo Tactil Color Finger Paint Set 6 x 80ml
  • 6 x80ml
  • With Finger Paint, develop the motor skill and creativity of young artists.
  • Surface: Paper, Cardboard, Salt Dough, Plaster.
  • Application: Directly with the palms of hands, foam stamps and rollers, brushes, stencils.
  • > 2 ages old

UHU Glitter Glue 6 x 10 ml Glitter Glue
Have creative glitter fun on lots of materials, with these extra soft tube of shiny glitter glues with a precision nozzle.

These glitter glues are perfect for children, as they are easy to use and are washable too. 

Product Information:
• Shiny Glitter Glue
• Brand: UHU
• Pack of 6
• Solvent free
• Washable
• Precision nozzle
• 6 x 10ml
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