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Tianma Heasteed Watercolor Retouch Medium For Artists Use 75ml
  • It is form of water-based liquid, and used for blending watercolors, enhancing adhesion and flexibility of colors and smooth out brushwork.
  • Enhances exhibition force of colors, erases "grey and power" phenomenon which caused by change before and after drying. Particularly effect for deep colors.
  • Add to watercolor before paintingm and also directly mix with colors.
  • Excellent for amounts> 1:1(provides the strongest color depth effect).
  • May mix with water.

Tianma Heasteed Watercolor Incrassation Medium For Artists Use 75ml
  • Its facade is in form of strong water-based colorless transparent liquid, and is quite popular in European painters.
  • Increases thickness after blending watercolors, and produces a textured finish for watercolors.
  • Particularly effective when blended watercolors.

Tianma Heasteed Cleaner For Masking Fluid Pen For Artists Use 75ml
  • This product has a colorless and transparent appearance. It is a special medium used to clean the harden brush after using masking liquid. The cleaner is suitable for all kinds of watercolour pens that made os goat's hair, weasel's hair and nylon yarn.

Tianma Heasteed Art Masking Fluid Watercolor Medium For Artists Use 120ml and 280ml
  • It is water-based milky liquid and quite popular in occidental painters. For masking quickly drying.
  • Add to water for dilution when used.
  • can be rubbed off after drying
  • Paint brushes should be washed immediately over finished painting
  • Attention: avoiding roasting or solarization

Tianma Heasteed Gum Arabic Solution watercolor Medium For Artists Use 75ml
  • It is a traditional watercolor medium in Europe
  • To increase the gloss and transparency of watercolor
  • Add to watercolor small amounts until the desired level of transparency is achieved
  • May be thinned with water

Pentel Colored Pencils Watercolor Stick 12 Colors Antique Mix/ Sweet Mix
A colored pencil which can be dissolved with water Product feature: Using this pen, you can both draw and paint as if you are using a colored pencil or a paint brush. Brand: Pentel Color: Antique mix 12 colors (Refer to the image) Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 100 mm Weight: 6g / Each Colored Pencils Material: Pigment/Wax, Surfactants Paint Brush Material: Nylon, PP, POM, PE
Pebeo - Watercolour - Pigments Fragonard (Artist France 法格纳色粉)

To create a masterpiece, one has to have a creative mind, a great amount of skill and also an art set which is of good quality. Pebeo brings to you this Fragonard Extrafine Watercolors to ensure that the quality of your work remains impeccable. This set consists of 12 watercolors set pans which will enable you to add more color to your work. This art set comes from the Fragonard Extrafine series and is ideally meant for artists use. These rich and intense watercolors are blendable, thus giving you the privilege of mixing colors to attain a new shade. In addition, these watercolors are enriched with honey for excellent adhesion. These transparent and light resistant watercolors by Pebeo will definitely be a valuable add on to your shopping cart. 

Model Name60105
SeriesFragonard Extrafine
Ideal ForArtists
Set ContentsWatercolor Set 12 Pans
Rich and IntenseEnriched with Honey for Excellent AdhesionTransparent and Light Resistance
Paint Features
Paint MediumWater Color
Other Paint Features
  • Rich and Intense
  • Enriched with Honey for Excellent Adhesion
  • Transparent and Light Resistance
Winsor and Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Paint 37ml Tubes
Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour has been specifically developed to appear and work just like conventional oil colour. The key difference between Artisan and conventional oils is its ability to thin and clean up with water. Hazardous solvents are not necessary for Artisan and artists can enjoy a safer painting environment, making it ideal for artists who share a work space, schools or painting at home. The Artisan range consists of 40 colours and has a dedicated range of Artisan solvents, oils, and mediums, allowing you to achieve all oil painting techniques.
Sakura Water Colors Creative Art Colors 12 and 24 Color Set
Technical Qualities
 Half pan luminescent, iridescent, and interference watercolors are formulated to blend easily
 ACMI AP seal certified
12 color set
• 4 metallics, 8 fluorescents
• 1 dabbing sponge
• Snap lid acts as a palette for mixing
• 4ml barrel small tip water brush
24 color set
• 4 metallics, 8 fluorescents, 12 pearlescents
• 2 dabbing sponges
• Snap lid that acts as an easel for paper
• Detachable palette secures to left or right side
• Pull-down ring on base for gripping easily
• 9ml barrel medium tip water brush


• Illustration, comics
• Calligraphy, lettering
• Handmade cards and craft projects
• Studio and remote use
• Mixed media layering
• Background washes

Winsor Newton Professional Watercolour Block Hot Press 300g 18x26cm and Rough Grain 300g 18x26cm
Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Block:
Hot Pressed 300g - 7x10" (18x26cm) 
Rough Grain 300g-7x10" 18x26cm

Even washes, lustre and transparency of colour in a fantastic professional paper from Winsor & Newton! 
100% cotton and acid-free, this bright natural white paper gives you balanced absorbency and superior resilience in every sheet. 
These 20 sheet, top quality, mould made gummed blocks keep the paper stretched as it dries, allowing your finished piece to be removed free from any cockling. 
Made using the finest raw materials, you'll feel inspired to paint on this truly professional range of watercolour paper.
Simbalion Watercolor Cakes in 12colors and 18 Colors Set WCK-18
  • Easy to carry.
  • Good for outdoor sketching and leisure illustration.
  • Simbalion watercolor, with its high transparency and perfect bright tones, sparkles wonder on your art creation.
  • TypeWater Color Paints
    Age>6 years old
    Brand Name                              Simbalion
    Model Number12 colors WCK-12
    18colors  WCK-18
    Painting MediumPaper



    Easy staining around. High saturation. Instantly water-soluble. Good for color sketch. Also convenient for preliminary coloring.


    Recent years have seen more and more extensive applications of acrylic paints. A remarkable one is with mimicking the texture of oil paints. By thick color piling or thin wet wash, it shows a strong artistic appeal. Besides, acrylic paints boast advantages over oil in fast drying, odorless, and high color saturation.


    Simbalion watercolor cake, with its easiness and readiness to use, solves the problem: wet with water and it works immediately, avoiding all messes.










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